Wood-people are Energetic!


Wood-people Are Energetic!


Wood-people are the ‘mover’s and shakers’! Wood-people are the busiest people around! They have great ideas! They have energy! They have the means to ‘make it happen’! YES! YES! And, YES, they DO like to use LOTS of exclamation marks!!!

If you want the job done, give the task to the busiest person; a person whose dominant element is Wood!

The Wood Element is represented on the planet with the season of springtime. A time of growth, high energy and the colour green. There is fresh abundance in the air and new birth of the deciduous trees, flowers, birds and insects. There is new-found energy in the universe. Therefore, the Wood-people will find their tasks lists growing, and their days filled with great ideas and good causes to support.

Wood-people tend to be well balanced, likeable individuals. They are fast learners and have a strong foundation on which to stand on to succeed. They like to dive in and get things done quickly. They tend to be confident, results oriented, competitive and risk takers. They love to see a project through to the end, and many become very powerful in their profession.

Some professions for Wood-People;

Sales People; any and all sectors

Customer Service

Real Estate Agents

Wedding Planners


Small Business Owner

Travel Services

Set Designers

Advertising/ Marketing

If you are a Wood-element–person you can enjoy lots of energy, unlimited growth and great rewards working with other Wood-People. Being an extrovert, you and have the ability to easily connect with people, gather them together and work towards a cause. Many Wood-people are so good at organizing and delegating, they forget to finish the job; because they are already onto another one!

Other Clues to identify and figure out if you are working with Wood-people;

  • Their desk and office is out of control; they like to ‘see’ everything and they like to know where everything is. They like to keep things ‘within reach’.
  • They have a lot of projects on the go; tend to the change subject quickly, then come back with questions when processing information.
  • They can be interruptive and like to keep the conversation moving; “Get to the point!”
  • Their resting area (personal space) tends to have a plethora of hobbies, books and ‘things to do’ to keep busy.
  • They tend to clean up and get rid of things too quickly. ‘Things’ need to have a purpose or they get moved to the trash. Motto: ‘outta sight, outta mind’.

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