Sleepless in Your Own Town?

One of my clients writes in their concern;

“I’m still having trouble sleeping these days. I’ve checked my bed placement and taken the mirror out of the bedroom. My phone is charging in the hallway instead of my bedside table, and the laundry is out of sight. I am wide awake at 3am every morning and I just can’t function! What else can I try?”

An interesting puzzle, yet not uncommon. If you were awake ‘all night long’ I might suggest a problem with EMF’s (electro-magnetic field radiation) in your bedroom. Since this is a time-specific occurrence, it could be that your body is running its own ‘cleanse and repair’ program which is awakening you each night at the same time. According to my Chinese Medicine book, every two hours, a different system in the body is cued for maintenance… systematically. (Pun intended.) Your issue at 3am could be related to the lung and respiratory system that is being scanned. (see cycle below)

Since each and every system in your body needs regular maintenance, issues in one area of the body that take longer to repair could affect maintenance on the following systems. This is another good reason to
stick to a regular schedule for exercise and meals if possible, as the body won’t need to continuously adapt. (This does makes sense to eliminate the bowels and intestines, just before breaking the fast in the

This is a valid theory, and could be very complicated to self-diagnose. I suggest you visit a Naturopath professional or medical doctor for this diagnosis.

In the meantime: This is the Body Rhythm chart I scanned from the book Between Heaven and Earth: A Guide to Chinese Medicine. Good luck with your diagnosis.

Circulation of Qi