Office Decor

Q: Which pictures or prints are appropriate to decorate a home office? I have a very small alcove for my desk, computer and hobbies. I‘m trying to find something that is colourful and simple, yet everything seems to be overpowering!

A: We are all challenged for space and it sounds like you might already have too much going on in your home office. Make sure your space is clutter-free before adding pictures. Your décor choices will differ depending on whether you are using the office for official work, or using it occasionally for personal use.

If the primary use is for work, you’ll need to choose an image that supports both your personal goals and is inspirational to your work. There are nice, clean images printed on canvas that look great in a contemporary office setting. I find that abstracts and greenery are very calming, as well as deep water lakes and ponds. These are perfect for quiet energy when working with a computer.

If your space is primarily for hobbies, you may choose a more colourful, fun, whimsical print that gives you inspiration for your creations.

Either way, clutter or congestion adds to the confusion in our lives. ‘Too much’ often weighs us down and makes us feel overwhelmed. To enjoy your hobbies, you’ll need clear, creative energy, so consider moving one of your activities to another area to ensure that you have the space to think.