Ask Kathryn About Shopping for a Bed

  Q: Hi Kathryn! We will be purchasing a new queen-sized bed.  I’ve read a bit online – do you have any reference material I can read? I’m assuming this: -NOT A storage bed (no drawers etc underneath) And, should it have a higher foot board? I’ve been looking for a while, and…


CHOOSING a GREAT Colour for Sleeping

  A GREAT COLOR has the potential to make our day. It can bring positive attitude, confidence and joy when used properly in your home! Colour relates to our psyche and changes from season to season; it can affect our mental health. Ever wonder why you liked something one week, and…


A Boost for the Heart of Your Home

Let’s face it; the weather has changed! Where to turn and what to do, to strengthen our bodies against germs and virus’ for the season? In feng shui, the Health Area is located in the center of your entire house, and each room. Now that you are aware of this auspicious…


super star inside

Restore the ‘Super Star’ Inside!

I’m just like you, dear reader. I try to lead a life of a ‘responsible citizen’; I pay taxes, support local industries and recycle. I walk a clean path and try not to judge others. And yet, I feel really ‘ticked off’ dealing with construction and bad weather for months and…


Water is represented with using tumbled stones in a walkway.

Create a Water Feature, Without Water!

Create a Water Feature without Water! Many of my clients look at me sideways when I suggest a water feature; my own husband included. (But, he is coming around slowly.) The ‘representation’ of water in feng shui is related to Career, your Life Path and also helps with Wealth and Family…


Collecting local crafts while travelling is always fun, but be aware of the energy coming back into your house.

Ask Kathryn About African Art

Q: Kathryn, I’m getting ready to move and clearing out a few things. I came across a box of souvenirs we picked up from our trip to Africa years past and I don’t know if they are good for feng shui or not. I have a couple of masks, some animal…


Melissa's Red Door commands attention, yet secures privacy.

Ask Kathryn about A Red Door

ASK KATHRYN about Front Doors Painted Red. Q: Is it true that I should paint my front door red for good luck? A: That depends what your intention is for the front door and your family. Painting your front door a red colour will certainly attract attention to your home, right…


What's wrong with sleeping under a fan?

The Truth About Ceiling Fans

Placing a ceiling fan over a bed can be detrimental to your health! If you are having restless, sleepless nights, have a look UP at your ceiling. Many ceiling fans are purchased with the logic that these items can save you money on air conditioning. True. But, are there other hidden…


Corrections for bed placements: The lower right image corrected with a crystal; but still not the best place to sleep.

Ask Kathryn About Bed Placement

Q: Hi Kathryn, Feng shui is supposed to help with a good nights sleep. Which is the best direction to face the bed? Thanks. A: This is a great question! I haven’t addressed this issue with my newsletter followers, as I’ve been focusing on business. YET, we all do need a…


Blue Quartz heals both the physical and spiritual heart.

Blue Quartz Can Tame the Blues

Can Crystals really make change in your life?  If the month is beginning to unravel and it’s not pretty, check out one of these blue quartz geodes to bring balance and harmony into your space. A quartz geode has vibration qualities that you may find calming, soothing and help you concentrate. Quartz…