The SPICE for Your Life

The Spice For Your Life In the next few months, you may find the blues setting in; it is common with all the dark days ahead. Hibernation can be a option for you.  How could you bring some spice into your world? What would that look like? I looked up the…


The Shy Entrepreneur

  I met an interesting entrepreneur a few months ago at a business luncheon. She is a personal life-coach, an author and I enjoyed the way she was able to articulate her particular spin on life. We were having a lively conversation. She impressed upon me the need to ‘be quiet’…


super star inside

Restore the ‘Super Star’ Inside!

I’m just like you, dear reader. I try to lead a life of a ‘responsible citizen’; I pay taxes, support local industries and recycle. I walk a clean path and try not to judge others. And yet, I feel really ‘ticked off’ dealing with construction and bad weather for months and…