A lone evergreen tree stands tall on the foothills of Mt Hood.

Riding out The Drought

Riding out the Drought Imagine that you are settled into your business: you have a game plan, doing what you need to do, following what the clients’ needs are… and something changes. Your cash flow gets interrupted and there’s been a shift in the industry.   The leads have dried up and…



Don’t tell Your Father!

In today’s times, everything is about who holds the money! In feng shui, money is just another tender to barter for goods and services. Barter, in years past, was when someone brought in a boat load of fish; they would all be rich, as everyone would have enough to eat! Also,…


A Splash of Colour can enhance a tiny house.

Colour Explosion in the Fall!

The trees are changing daily, almost moment by moment; displaying their colours of red, orange and gold. They can be reflective, energizing or anywhere in between! ‘Colour’ is one of the basic cures in feng shui. It is one of the easiest cures to comprehend, and yet, it is often subliminal.…


We can marvel and respect the trees as they will take care of us.

The Whispering Pine

Evergreen trees are magnificent in the North West part of North America. In fact, they are magnificent anywhere in the world! They stand tall and proud. They have respect and trust in a society as they provide food and homes for birds and animals. Some evergreen trees can live more than…