Family Portrait: Steve, Kathryn, Quinn. (The kids have been replaced with pets!)


09/22/2014 CH-CH-Changes While change can be good for the soul, many people resist! When people resist change, it often means they are already happy in the moment. They ask, “Why change?” They like the age of their kids, they like their time together, and (bonus) the in-laws live two hours away!…


FORD Inside Perspective

What Are You Really Selling?

WHAT ARE YOU REALLY SELLING? Is it a dream, a feeling or a life style? When you have developed a product or service that you are proud of, the next step is to find buyers for the product. Expand on the basics and get creative; get under the hood and inside their heads. When marketing …


Water-people Have Deep Influence

Water-people have a Deep Influence in Society You’ll find a large majority of our senior population are water-people. These individuals have worked hard in their lives, specialists in their professions and have experienced many of life’s lessons. They bring a plethora of knowledge to the equation. Experience has shaped their philosophy…


The Empty Desk Syndrome

The Empty Desk

The Empty Desk What happens to productivity when you work beside an empty desk and chair? Are you happy that no one is in ‘your space’? Or, are you aware of the empty void nearby? In feng shui, even an empty space has a place in time, no matter how inactive it…