Persistance Reveals an Award for Excellence!

  Persistence Reveals an Award for Excellence! Established over three years ago, I’d like to highlight this little business in DaNang, Vietnam. ‘Looking Glass Jeep Tours’ is my son’s company. Despite the odds for success being a foreigner in Vietnam, persistence has paid off. Jeremy Wilking was frustrated trying to find…


The Royal ‘WE’!

The ‘Royal WE’ It is easy to fall into a routine when we are comfortable in a relationship. I think that is part of the ‘beauty’ of a long term relationship. We already know what to expect, how the chores are divided up, who is in charge of the garbage and…



Practical Steps for Success #18: Dress for Success

This are great colours for meeting new people at a trade show. Practical Steps to Success #18: Dress for Success Your choice of clothing not only represents you and your company, but can also reflect your mood. If you are confident, clothing can help you send that message. If you are nervous about…