What is Your Management Style?

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What is Your Management Style?

Can you find a balance between being a hard-nosed, results-oriented boss and a hovering, nagging mother hen?

Of course you can! Each team manager may have the same goals, but they can take a different route to get there!

We are all unique. When we first become a manager, we try to mirror our most successful example, good or bad. When we’ve tripped up a few times, we recover, and then gather more confidence.

It is expected that we grow into the job, contribute to the team, and lead our team into success. So, how does one find their management style?

I was only 23 years old when I was put in charge of a dwindling retail store. In fact, I think I was the youngest one in the whole store. Yep, a bit of a hornet’s nest. The motivating factor was that we all had the same goals: increase the sales, the store will stay open and we can hang onto our jobs! It was very motivating!  We all worked hard and made some record sales for that small-town store over the next two years.

My management style has changed over the years from a task-oriented type of boss to one that realises the human side has to show up from time to time. People bring their personal issues to work and that does affect the job performance. While it is nice to have personal paraphernalia on your desk, it is a constant reminder of what is waiting back at home. I suggest to my team that three personal items on the desk is plenty: a couple of family photos and something else goal-oriented. I personally like to place a photo of my husband and I together on my desk, it reminds me of the support I have at home.

I’ve had only a few disgruntled workers over my career and one thing I had to do is develop a deep respect for each one of them.  We may have the same goals as a team, but the team will change as they grow too. Some people work better when they have clear objectives and are left alone, and others need more confidence in order to make decisions. As a manager we need to be accountable for the whole team.

Just recently, a lady CEO disclosed her story to me: she spent ten years trying to manage as a man, and now she manages as a woman! An interesting story about how she found herself. She also realized it is okay to show a human side to her team. A simple greeting in the morning and acknowledgement for a job well done are high on her list to keep ‘happy staff’.

At your company, they may prefer a particular management style, but there are no right or wrong rules.

You will find in yourself how you can articulate the company goals, and motivate the team to meet objectives. Take the time to ease into your management style.

You will be the best manager you can be!


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