Wearing Feng Shui and Fashion

What makes you different than everyone else? Is it a ‘feel’? Or, a purpose? How does one figure out their style?

We can certainly view the latest ‘trends’ in the magazines or on line, but what if something feels off? There are so many conflicting ideas out there. Do you really NEED to stand out?

Have a look at Wearing Feng Shui; dressing with your personal element!


Feng Shui, the art of balance in your home, used for interiors and the surrounding environment, also applies to our clothing.  When you are walking in your element, you can walk with an authentic self! It’s like you’ve just raised the bar!

Think of clothing as being our most intimate environment.

It is about the ENERGY. What is the message we send when choosing a ‘look’ for ourselves?

Everything we wear has a vibe. Every garment or outfit is made up of the energies of one or more of the elements. It’s how you use them that makes the magic happen. Your clothing is the ultimate first impression.

Different personalities with the Five Elements each have their own vibe: water, wood, fire, earth, metal. We can all wear different ‘hats’ in our daily routine, but here are a few clues that will reveal if you are walking with intention, and, in your element. Can you see yourself in any of these scenarios?

Wood-people are generally casual. They are often seen at one activity, and, dressed for the next! They are busy people, having the need to change clothes and shoes for each event of the day! Green represents life, growth and action, a favorite color for wood-people -but that doesn’t mean you need to wear green all the time.

Wood-people can be observed in your neighborhood wearing khakis or sports clothes and running shoes. They love all colours, always on-the-go and ready for anything.

Accessories for wood-people can include: ball caps, fun earrings and sensible shoes. Looking into their backpack will reveal a plethora of items for layering, a change of clothes (for change of mind) and ready for anything; they can be playful and casual with any outfit.

Fire-people wish to be noticed. They often wear something extreme and form their own personal style, to attract attention. They like to shop, so they will be modeling the latest fads. Red is the color for fire and fireworks! Combine this with a lot of bling, and you’ll send a message that means action, fun and parties!

Accessories for fire-people could be large earrings, bangles, ankle bracelets, high heels and sunglasses (for the movie-starlets). These fame-seekers need to look-the-look and walk-the-walk. Their purses will be name-brand products and filled with cosmetics, perfume and extras to add interest to their day.

Earth-people wish to help others, so they don’t really want to stand out. They dress casual and practical, choosing softer, earth colors and textures. There is no need to accumulate new items like fire-people, preferring to reuse and recycle. They always have a favorite sweater ready.

Accessories for earth-people are stress free. They like simple pieces of jewelry that have sentimental meanings. Focusing on feelings of comfort and function, you’ll find them with a large purse or tote bag filled with practical items: water, food snacks, wipes, extra pens and notepad -with enough room for a few groceries. NOTE: Be sure to invite an earth-friend along for your next road trip…

Metal-people have simple clothing needs. They like to wear the same things over and over, like a uniform of sorts. Their ‘look’ is clean, neat, buttoned, belted, and tied. Metal-people like fewer options in the clothing department and will only shop if there is a ‘need’ for an item. They can feel awkward in loose sweats and t-shirts and are unlikely to wear bright colours.  Impeccably groomed, they wear a no-nonsense hairstyle and prefer to travel light.

Accessories for metal-people are also simple. A few pairs of earrings (that they will wear all the time), a single ring, and a minimum number of shoes. You’ll find their backpack/briefcase plain and simple, chosen for function only.

Water-people are a bit quieter. They are tough to find in social situations; you’ll see them minding their own business and doing their thing. Think of deep water, a few ripples and a few wavy lines…fringe is the water feature.

Reminisce back to the 60’s: the ballads, philosophical thinking and resistance to the war. Fringe was everywhere: macramé belts and purses, leather jackets, pants and more! A little wavy movement can cultivate that moody-edge, and bring some flow to the wearer. That’s when they write/paint/recite their best stuff! A bit cynical, they won’t go out of their way to impress others.

Accessories for water-people are quite simple, yet complex. Since these people are pontific, reflective and somewhat sentimental, you’ll find some amazing pieces in their treasure box. (Should you be trusted to look inside…)

Like so many others, we have different ‘looks’ with different activities. We may slide over from work-metal to home-earth quite easily, on most days. Trying to figure out the metal-tech-guy may be difficult –until you see him change into an outfit for extreme sports!  Hey! You just never know!

Observing fashion is another way to express one’s personal element and help with clues to connect with family, co-workers and neighbors. For example: If someone is dressed for skiing, should you try to sit down for a serious talk? (No.) Alternatively, if someone is ‘dressed up’ yet nervous about a sales call, could you give them a ‘good luck’ or confident smile to add to their day? (Absolutely!)

The more clues you have about someone, the communication is better!

This is only a short list to recognize personality traits in others. For change and support in these elements, more specific study is required. Balance and harmony is still the goal: in order to achieve productive communication and respect for others. You CAN be comfortable and professional, AND, make an effort to find the groove that is YOU!

The power of dressing with intention is natural. It’s about showing the world
who you are, and who you want to be.


Together, we can make the world a better place.

All the best, Kathryn

~Kathryn Wilking is an Author, Home Stager and Feng Shui Consultant. She works with Home Owners and Small Businesses to find balance and harmony in each situation. Kathryn delivers ‘Practical Solutions for Life’ through The ONE-ROOM Rescue™ and unique personality profiling with the Fantastic 5 Elements!

As an active Professional Member of the International Feng Shui Guild, Kathryn is available for private consultations, innovative talks and workshops. http://www.kathrynwilking.com


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