Water-people Have Deep Influence

Water-people have a Deep Influence in Society

You’ll find a large majority of our senior population are water-people. These individuals have worked hard in their lives, specialists in their professions and have experienced many of life’s lessons. They bring a plethora of knowledge to the equation. Experience has shaped their philosophy and we look up to them for guidance and direction. Similar to the wise owl in the woods, people turn to them for guidance and understanding.

Water people enjoy solitude and quiet environments to process their contemplative thoughts. Think of deep water: still, restful, insightful, wise, authoritative, powerful and experienced.

Common Professions for Water individuals;



Pastor or Priest

Bank Manager

Professor of higher institutions

President or Prime Minister

In earlier years, these individuals may have been an earth or metal element: technical in their careers and intuitive as a nurturer. They’ve been able to trot around the globe, visiting things that were important to them. Water-people are happy to re-visit these places via the computer or the TV. As an armchair traveller, they can obtain knowledge and activity, without leaving their easy chair. As a critic of society, they often reflect on what is wrong with the world. Lacking patience, the lines at the stores will be too long, no matter where they shop. And, possessing a dry sense of humour, they can offer both advice and criticism at the same time.

The deep water image of ‘still and restful’ can become stagnant as the years roll by. By becoming less social and less active, water –people run the risk of depression. These individuals need mental stimulation to keep the brain sharp: incorporate crosswords puzzles, card games and new computer skills into the routine.

Despite slowing down, water-people are processing new ideas and are unable to execute them by themselves. They require skills from the wood-people to take action, the fire-people to promote the concept, the earth-people to look at both sides, and the metal-people to be accountable.

In fact, the water-people can be a governing force in society as they have earned their position as a powerful influence.





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