The Shy Entrepreneur

  I met an interesting entrepreneur a few months ago at a business luncheon. She is a personal life-coach, an author and I enjoyed the way she was able to articulate her particular spin on life. We were having a lively conversation. She impressed upon me the need to ‘be quiet’…


You already know these Three Secrets...

ASK KATHRYN about The Three Secrets

Ask Kathryn about the Three Secrets Q: I’ve heard there is specific language to use in the blessings of Feng Shui cures. I’ve heard of the 3 secrets. Is that like a prayer or a spell of sorts? Do I need to learn this to feng shui my apartment? I really…


What's wrong with sleeping under a fan?

The Truth About Ceiling Fans

Placing a ceiling fan over a bed can be detrimental to your health! If you are having restless, sleepless nights, have a look UP at your ceiling. Many ceiling fans are purchased with the logic that these items can save you money on air conditioning. True. But, are there other hidden…


These Boots are Made for Walking!

Ask Kathryn about Boots Under the Bed

Q: Hi Kathryn! My husband and I are doing some earthquake preparations out here on the west coast. The booklet suggests we have a pair of boots under the bed for quick evacuation should this happen while sleeping. I heard it was bad feng shui to leave shoes and boots under…


I moved a small fountain into my front garden and the chickadee’s lined up for a drink!

Animal and Plants can BOOST Your Wealth Area

Much of the Wealth Area focus has been indoors; regarding your desk, chair and assorted items related to monetary goals and fame. You may be failing to include a bigger picture…. your property outside. This spring may be the time to give a boost to this area – and get it…


The Money Frog can help protect your assets!

Ask Kathryn About Money Frogs

Q: Hi Kathryn, Can you tell me more about the Money frog? I heard they were lucky for wealth in feng shui so I bought one with a gold coin in his mouth. My hairdresser has one facing away from the door, and my naturpath has one on her desk facing…


Having a desk and chair carefully selected for YOU, can help productivity!

Fitting In to a New Promotion

  Finding the right fit for a new job can have its upsets. Were you hired to ‘make change’ or hired to replace someone who has moved on? Or, both? Setting up a new office with the proper things to support your position includes selecting a chair and desk that is…


I found Great COLOR at Spanish Village, inside Balboas Park, San Diego, CA.

On the LOOKOUT for Color!

I LOVE COLOR! Colour brings me a mood, a flavor-of-the-day, and makes me smile! I’m always on the lookout for more opportunities to share color with my readers. I found this cute little spot in San Diego last month, a slice of Spanish Village. Someone had the idea to paint the…


Many Seniors are water-people.

The Powerful Influence of Deep Water

The Powerful Influence of Deep Water A large majority of our senior population are water-people. The majority of ‘deep water’ individuals are hard workers and have experienced many of life’s hard lessons. In earlier years, they may have been a strong earth or metal element; a sensitive nurturer or a technical whiz in their profession. Now they…


An orchid can be uplifting in a hard, cold office.

Ah…The Orchid!

  They are blooming and available everywhere right now! Beautiful, as well as auspicious, the orchid can be used to enhance many areas in your life! I frequently recommend an orchid ‘boost’, when I’m doing a feng shui consultation. The positive energy of this flower is very strong. ~ An orchid…