Survival During Construction

Survival During Construction

I’ve always counselled my clients to find a ‘Safe Spot’ for themselves when tackling a renovation in their home. Think of it as a ‘nest’, just for you; a space that is not part of the reno where you can breathe, think and rest.

Well, the latest home reno for us was the roof! So, where does one go to ‘hide’ and seek solitude while this is going on? There is pounding on the roof in every room and it is hard to figure out which room could be the nest! Add in a few delays… Is is better to have the workers pound away all day, or have a no show and prolong the activity?

In feng shui, the roof represents the backbone of your home. When your backbone is disrupted, it puts tension on the entire structure. It is compared to surgery: opening up the carcass and fixing things, then closing back up.

When the wound is open too long, ‘infections’ can set in. Yes, we are talking grumpy attitudes, lack of sleep, agonizing headaches and flighty concentration with all this hanging over your head.
(Pun intended.)

This also can affect the homeowner’s personal self esteem and ability to remain sane! YIKES!

If you can:

  • Greet the workers each day and try to be optimistic.
    * Get out of the house each day. Find things to do, or just take a long walk.
    * Protect your physical back. There are many reports of homeowners having back problems when re-roofing.
    * Your ‘nest’ may change from day to day. Find the quiet spot, use ear plugs if you have to (they do work) and try to be patient.

Take comfort in the fact that each day brings you closer to the finish.


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