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Prescriptive Feng Shui Lifestyle Design solutions for people who want to find balance, harmony and prosperity in their home, office and life.

People ask me all the time, “What are you going to do at my house”?

~It really depends on the situation, as every site visit is different, but ultimately the result is the same: I provide practical tips, tools and recommendations to make positive changes to your home, furnishings, office and lifestyle to solve home, career and relationship challenges – bringing YOU more comfort, harmony and flow back into your life.  


Typically, the people I work with are struggling with at least one of the Nine Areas of Life. They come to me because they are dissatisfied with some aspect of their lifestyle including: health, wealth, career, success, relationships, family, children, home, or office.

You may initially inquire about something specific, yet, there could be another area interfering:

  • Wealth and Abundance issues are often paired with the Career Area.

  • Relationship issues are symbiotic with Knowledge and Self Discovery.

  • Without a good night’s sleep, your Health could need a boost in order for you to function during the day.

*If you are interested to find your Lifestyle Satisfaction Scores,

I invite you to take a short quiz to look at your auspicious Nine Areas of Life

Feng Shui is very practical and uses energy to shift things in your life. Learning to harness or manipulate that energy can certainly help you be in charge of your life! If you want something to change in your life, you need to change something. 

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Package Options and Rates

Here are a few packages to help you on your feng shui journey:

1. On-Site-Visit Package: $499.

Great value for a 1,500 – 3,000 square foot space! 

Arrange the bed where it is safe and functional.

On-Site Visit to Your Home or Office: within 45 min drive from Vancouver $497. (Out of town expenses apply. Please inquire.)

OBJECTIVE: In depth detective work using physical tools and using the many theories of Feng Shui to balance function and flow. Ability to look into problem areas, missing areas, poison arrows and arrange space to work for achieving your goals in life: Career, Wealth, Abundance, Relationships, etc.

A personal site visit from Kathryn will include preliminary dialogue to discuss concerns. A traditional site-visit to look for any ‘weirdness’ or personal interference lines that can interrupt productivity and quality of life. Common concerns: problems with sleep, relationship issues, money flowing out the door, lack of employment, general coping skills, interrupted career path, and more.

Like a detective, feng shui can reveal information from looking at the immediate environment, and energy inside and outside the home. Many different theories and tools can be used as needed including the Nine areas of Life assessment, floor plan analysis, colour therapy and personal element dynamics of the family.

Each On-Site visit will receive a personal package for reference including laminated Bagua grid and Five Elements Theory, Personal Element Profile, and soft cover book ‘Practical Feng Shui for the Office’.

You will gain: Personal Awareness and Problem Solving Skills for Life; function and flow.

Also included:

~ Dousing for interference and energy lines.

~ Assessment and function of all rooms, for all members of family or team.

~ Definitions of personal space and common space.

~ Discover auspicious ‘bonus areas’ as well as ‘missing areas’ in the space.

~ Reveal obstacles in the flow, such as poison arrows, arguing doors and interference lines.

~ A detailed floorplan with the Bagua grid drawn in and the auspicious areas labelled for the Nine Areas of Life.

~ Enhance the architectural properties of the space with colour or contrast. 

~ Blessings, for more blessings to come your way: OM MANI PAD ME HUM

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2. Room Revival: On-Line Power Hour $197.

Great value for small condos and areas up to 1000 square ft..

Designed for a specific concern: an office, bedroom, study area, organizing a family room, etc. Individuals that just want the practical function of an area, without going through lengthy course material and expense.

OBJECTIVE: YOU WILL BE ABLE to transform an unusable area into functional and productive space! ~ MOVE from chaos to prosperity!

**SKYPE/ZOOM call can be recorded if requested.

Outline: Preliminary questionnaire package for evaluation of goals, referencing the ‘Nine areas of Life’. (Completed by phone call or via email.) ONE HOUR ZOOM personal call: using video eye to review goals and rearrange the balance in your space. Total time involved: approx 2 hours plus any additional enhancements or cures we discuss. 

  • Clutter management using personal habits and goals.
  • Yin & Yang; finding the balance
  • Auspicious areas to enhance for prosperity
  • Colours and images to support function and flow
  • Tools for reference to keep you on track.

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3. Lifestyle Design Package: Learn to APPLY Feng Shui $697 

Be the detective in your own space!  (Cost and results may fluctuate depending on size of project and/or multiple goals to be reached.)

Great value for people interested in an in-depth, deep consultation of the cryptic messages in feng shui. A tremendous skill that you can use anywhere, for life!

Lifestyle Design Package: Helps you develop a healthy and harmonious lifestyle. Depending on your square footage and multiple goals to be reached. Time commitment is once a week for 4-6 weeks for $697-999.

OBJECTIVE: A TEACHING PACKAGE where you learn to do the detective work! TAKE CHARGE: YOU WILL BE ABLE TO have less anxiety and find FUNCTION AND FLOW FOR THE WHOLE HOUSE. ~ MOVE from anxiety to productivity!

**SKYPE/ZOOM call can be recorded if requested.

Outline: Preliminary questionnaire package for evaluation of goals referencing the ‘Nine areas of Life’. (Completed by phone call or via email.)

~Schedule Your Personal Tutor at the same time each week: Students will receive a lesson each week via email (Video, MP3, or PDF component.) with objectives and observations to make change in their space. A Skype/Video call will be booked each week for coaching and clarity of intention, in order to manifest your feng shui lifestyle for living.

~ Clutter issues can hide anywhere; emotional, mental and physical.

~ Learn WHY to be in the Command Position at work, rest and play. 

Almost done!

~ Find auspicious areas in your detailed floorplan using the Bagua grid drawn in with the Nine Areas of Life.

~ Discover auspicious ‘bonus areas’ as well as ‘missing areas’ in the space.

~ Expose obstacles in the flow; such as poison arrows, arguing doors and interference lines.

~ Yin & Yang to balance any space, anywhere.

~ Utilize Color Therapy to manipulate the mood where needed.

~ Enhance the architectural properties of the space with colour or contrast. 

~ Assessment and function of all rooms.

~ Setting a ‘cure’ for good intentions.

~ The BEST use for crystals and mirrors.

~ Reference Materials to keep you on track.

**INQUIRE about staring dates and HOLD your preferred time slot! OR call 1-778-558-2693

Contact me today to answer your questions and find out HOW TO GET STARTED! 


4. Floor Plan Analysis: On-line Service $197.

(Floor plan Analysis is included with On-Site Visit package.)

~ Client will need to supply an electronic version of the floor plan. 

** Correspondence through e-mail.

OBJECTIVE: Designed for Real estate Professionals, Architects and General Public who wish a diagnostic of the home design before purchase or moving into a new space. A Feng Shui Professional can see the unseen, and can reveal any concerns and recommend ‘cures’ for a property if necessary.

You can ‘get the unfair advantage’ by being prepared for the storms ahead! 

All correspondence through the computer, you’ll receive:

~ A detailed floorplan with the Bagua grid drawn in and the auspicious areas labelled properly. Secondary zones may be identified for additional support.

~ Discover auspicious ‘bonus areas’ as well as ‘missing areas’ in the space.

~ Reveal obstacles in the flow, such as poison arrows, arguing doors and interference lines.

~ Enhance the architectural properties of the space with colour or contrast.

~ Arrange furniture and bedrooms to function properly. 

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5. ONE-ROOM Rescue: On-line course $297.

One Room RescueThis package is self directed learning; popular with small businesses and home offices.

OBJECTIVE:The ONE-ROOM Rescue is a great option when you can’t settle in to get the work done! Designed for the busy, professional who wishes to complete the course on their own time, at their own pace. 

Do your own forensic analysis!

This ON-LINE COURSE contains Four Modules, NINE Downloads and multiple bonuses; including videos, MP3’s, power-point presentations and PDF’s. Work on your own time schedule. 

PLACED on a THIRD PARTY PLATFORM: Qiologypro hosts the ‘ONE-ROOM Rescue’! You’ll be invited to sign in each time AND, tap into more insight and teachings from seasoned professionals. MORE EXPANDED INFO: 


MODULE ONE: Clutter and YOU!


MODULE THREE: Exclusive to YOU

MODULE FOUR: Strategy TOOLS for Life

BONUSES: The FIVE LUCKS, Yin & Yang, and more! 


~ A personal consultation for a specific problem is the best way to get clarity. Please note: You can contact me anytime during this course to ask about Practical Solutions for your individual issues.  


Contact me today to answer any questions and help you get started! 


  • With your invitation; I offer insight and address concerns through feng shui principles and philosophies. The intention of the Consultation is to ‘find the balance’ in any situation, home or business.
  • Any suggestions or ‘enhancements’ will be advised with good faith; the execution of these cures will be the decision of the client.
  • Any accidents or breakage through my actions will be taken care of through my own insurance.
  • ADDITION COSTS may occur for extended time, distance or shopping for client needs.
  • PAYMENT is due on the site-visit day: cash, cheque, pay pal or credit cards.
  • GST is an additional 5% of the total balance, for services in Canada.
  •  The cost of each project may vary: this depends on the size of the rooms and extent of services required..

An Assessment or a written report, should only be referred to as a tool when making changes in order to achieve certain results. All recommendations are presented for the client’s benefit and are given with the honest intent to assist in addressing the issues identified by the client.

A Personal Home Assessment is confidential and is intended for the sole use of the Client. Details or photos will not be reproduced or released without prior consent of both the client and Kathryn Wilking.

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