What can I expect from a Feng Shui Consultation?

Feng shui is all about the energy; things you can see and things you can’t. I can find auspicious areas of your home and use auspicious items to enhance those areas. The result is, we can manipulate energy to your advantage. A detailed look at your floor plan and/or a site-visit can provide insight; We can identify weaker areas in your home as well as bonus areas, and provide insight for you to thrive.

You can expect a full site evaluation. While it is not recommended to change the energy in all the rooms at once, (it would feel a lot like moving all over again) we can assess which areas need attention first. A follow-up Summary Report will follow and then a phone call within a few weeks.

When you are ready, in a few weeks or a few months, we can continue the process and build strength in other areas of your home: such as Relationships, Career, Wealth, Health, Fame, Family, Knowledge and Creativity.

Sometimes, there are a lot of layers to sift through before the solution reveals itself. Many times, I recommend ‘clutter clearing’ of your personal items and personal space. This action often leads to clarity and empowerment to make more change!

If you are worried about finances, we will also look at other areas that can affect the flow of money in your space such as the Career Areas and Fame Area.

If you are not sleeping well, for example, Feng Shui teaches us to look farther than the bedroom. Questions such as; What is below the bedroom? Above? Outside? Where does the plumbing and electrical run through the house? Ventilation? Outside connections? Everything in and outside your building can affect your health and job performance.

What else should I expect to happen?

Feng Shui is very logical, functional and reasonable in the way the energy and flow can work in your environment. We will identify the areas (mutually decided upon through discussions) and support those areas positively. Most clients see and feel change in their environment right away! Read MORE about the types of ‘cures’ that could be utilized.

If you are considering to purchase a new home, I can evaluate the new floor plan. By knowing ahead of time, the weaker areas of the home, we can gather support for that area right away! Also, by identifying bonus areas, you will learn to get these areas working for you faster.

How do you know that this type of cure will work?

You, the client will, be given a few options of cures to choose from. Depending on the intended outcome, we will find whatever is most comfortable to start with, with little disruption. To start, I personally like to offer simple cures which are tangible, and the least disruptive in the home. From there, we can utilize more auspicious items to use in the auspicious areas in order to gain results.

Often, it is the ‘intention’ to make the change and the ‘action’ to make the change that stimulates the new energy required to facilitate change. When your mind can get organized, the actions follow through.

A follow up call in a few weeks will determine whether we need to readdress the situation and make any more changes. In most cases, you will see (or feel) a change of energy in your space immediately or within a few days.