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Feng Shui, Feng Shui Decorating and staging is all about energy and flow in a home; it is about everyone having a space, and finding a place for everything you need. If you put things away ‘for now’, you may never see them again! The neat thing about feng shui is that you can learn to manipulate the energy around you. Feng shui has very logical principles that include clutter-clearing, ergonomics, problem solving and making sure everyone in the house has a voice. If the house and the people are are balanced and working together, wouldn’t the tasks flow just a bit easier?

I can take the stress out of your world by changing energy patterns in the home, helping arranging furniture, hang pictures and display your favorite items. Many homeowners just want to get a good nights sleep, so they can handle the rest of the day.

When your home is calm and well balance, you will sleep better and have more energy for the day! Through feng shui, you can learn to take charge of your own space and have things flow easily each day.

Getting settled in a new environment can be stressful. Whether you have just moved in or you’ve been in your home a few years, our Staging and Redesign package will redirect the flow in your home. We can create a more comfortable living space for you by rearranging things so they work: changing the placement of furniture, hanging pictures, and looking after your personal needs. With a fresh eye, we can bring in new energy to make your home more appealing to come home to!