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The Path to Balance and Richness

Kathryn is keenly interested in your health and well-being. She uses her background in design and her studies in the field of Feng Shui to assist you to create a positive home space and work place. One of her personal interests is environmental issues: recycle, save the forests and don’t waste our resources. It is important for her that we all live in a safe, harmonious environment! Have you seen her garden?

All consultations begin with the initial telephone call and then on to the on-site visit. A site visit could take several hours. Click on the options below for specific information.

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To book an appointment, contact Kathryn through her website, send her an e-mail, or give her a call at 778-558-2693.

Feng Shui Fraser Valley, Feng Shui for businesses Fraser Valley, Vancouver.

Feng Shui is very logical, functional and reasonable in the way the energy and flow can work in your environment. We will identify the areas to discuss (mutually decided upon through discussions) and support those areas positively. Most clients see and feel change in their environment right away!

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Feng Shui, Feng Shui Decorating and staging is all about energy and flow in a home; it is about everyone having a space, and finding a place for everything you need. If you put things away ‘for now’, you may never see them again! The neat thing about feng shui is that you can learn to manipulate the energy around you. Feng shui has very logical principles that include clutter-clearing, ergonomics, problem solving and making sure everyone in the house has a voice. If the house and the people are are balanced and working together, wouldn’t the tasks flow just a bit easier?

I can take the stress out of your world by changing energy patterns in the home, helping arranging furniture, hang pictures and display your favorite items. Many homeowners just want to get a good nights sleep, so they can handle the rest of the day.