Rethinking the Bucket List

Rethinking the Bucket List 

Are we happy yet? We have all been working for many years, saving our money, trying to plan for the future… and the unknown. The planning is one thing and life’s surprises are another! I’ve noticed that many people begin talking about their ‘bucket lists’ whenever a ‘big’ birthday rolls around. So, what is wrong with that? Nothing, but perhaps it is the little nudge you need to actually start the list.

Feng shui can help you get focused on your goals and what is important to you. Pay attention to these ‘nudges’ on your must-do list.  Is there something missing in your life? Look around to see if your surroundings and your environment are supporting your goals. Which images give you peace and tranquility? And, which ones don’t? (Depending on what you want.) Feng shui is energy and it is constantly moving. Things change over time, and these milestones give us the chance to reflect on life.

The objective of this exercise is to get focused, live fully and enjoy your bucket list; guilt free and rewarding to the soul. To be practical, give yourself enough time to really choose what is significant for you. If you have a life partner, you may need to coordinate another set of goals that can accommodate both of you. This doesn’t have to be a lot of work, but making a list does help you focus.

  • Acknowledge all the people and things that give you support and feed your self-esteem.
  • Assemble a bucket list with your goals and dreams. Make a plan.
  • Start your ‘chuck-it list’.

A chuck-it list is a list of things you no longer want to do. A chuck-it list can get rid of your guilt, your inhibitions from way back, and youthful urges long gone. (I see bungee jumping in this list.) In some cases, you can give yourself permission to shed the nagging notions and the clutter that comes with them! I found this a great exercise to shed a few things that had been nudging me for a long time. You may find, as I have experienced, the ‘chuck-it list’ is far more eye-opening than the ‘bucket list’.

Feng shui can help you identify the Life Areas that need a little attention and help you find the balance. Try to plan something out-of-the-ordinary this week and enjoy every moment. Breathe. Look around. Take a few pictures and share the moment with someone special. Push the anxiety out of your day, knowing you don’t ever have to do everything on your list.

You are a unique individual. Give yourself permission to do what you need to do. Before you know it, you could be sitting on top of the world!


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