Restore the ‘Super Star’ Inside!

super star inside
Restore the ‘super star inside

I’m just like you, dear reader. I try to lead a life of a ‘responsible citizen’; I pay taxes, support local industries and recycle. I walk a clean path and try not to judge others.

And yet, I feel really ‘ticked off’ dealing with construction and bad weather for months and months on end!

How is anyone going to FIND ME or HEAR ME with all this going on? Everyone seems to be in a rush!

Stress in our lives comes across in many forms, and there are solutions to this in many forms.

When I needed new coping skills in 1998, I found feng shui. I was trying to pull my blended family together and I required more help. It worked for me back then, and I’ve relied on these skills over and over through my life.

Getting back to Feng Shui basics.

Feng shui, the relationship of energy inside and the environment around you, suggests one to stop and consider: ”What is going on with me? What will make me feel better/happy/fulfilled? Why do I feel derailed, right now? What can I do RIGHT NOW to make things better?”

As many of you know, feng shui is loosely translated to ‘wind and water’; things you can see, and things you can’t. Generally, you won’t be able to see the stress trigger, but you experience a ‘reaction’ to the stressors.

Many leading experts who research stress, tell us to ‘slow down’ and ‘be mindful’. It is great advice to talk about these things, yet difficult to see end results. It can be easier to change a habit, than to create a new one. Check out the obvious; things you can do RIGHT NOW:

  • Challenge the mindset: Reframing your stress from ‘I’m anxious!’ into I’m excited!”
  • Breathe in calm: We’ve heard this one before, and there is more to it. It is the ‘exhale’ that is most important as this action expels the stale air.
  • Set smaller goals: This makes sense. (If you are planning to eat an elephant, you start with a very, small bite!)
  • Stop multi-tasking: This is a way of life for many of us. (I promise to handle only two things at a time; instead of more!)

Feng shui takes you another step into your senses, to see progress in your day.

~ Color therapy is one of my favorites:

If I feel anxious or hyperactive, I wear blue or green to get out of that red zone.

If I feel disappointed or sad, I make sure to wear any color except black!

If I feel playful, pink colors can reinforce that behavior.

If I feel I need to settle in to do work, I wear a deep blue or black color to get serious.

If I need to feel sunshine, warmth and life; yellow is the best color.

~ Aromatherapy is another way to manipulate the air you breathe:

Take out the garbage to start with! Dust, clean and toss past-due stuff from your frig. We forget about these little things in life. Smells can trigger past, death, and affect our appetite.

Open windows to let in a breeze each day, regardless of temperature. Even opening the front door while you gather the mail can help bring a freshness into the house.

Be sure to pre-test fragrances before you bring them home. (Make sure you pick out something that is not offensive to your partner.) I found a new store with a fragrance named ‘Liquid Sunshine’! (How cool is that?) It is a blend of citrus fruits. You can use any concentrated scents in a diffuser, dryer balls, fabrics or personal use.

~ Clutter Clearing: I know that you’ve been told this before. Just take the time to throw out one thing today. (And, another one tomorrow.) Clutter acts and reacts, with emotional and mental baggage in the weirdest way.

Seriously, if you are having a ‘not-so-great-day’, throw something out. You have permission to CHUCK whatever is bugging you at the moment, and move on.

~ Flowers: Lots and lots of flowers!

Mental clarity is worth it; clear your space,
and, bring in items that are loved, worthy and appreciated!

Whatever you choose to do, in whatever action, it will be RIGHT FOR YOU! It is up to YOU to take care of yourself. Feng Shui can validate the need to clear the visual, enhance the scenery and replace the worn out items. With just one ripple of change, your life could be better; make changes one-at-a-time.

If you are into daily meditation for restoration –great! Yet there is another practical way to restore or reduce stress, and honor the person you really are.

Be a SUPER STAR in your own way.

Enjoy a Feng Shui journey.
~ Kathryn

For more about the impact of clutter, check out: Where is Your Clutter-Free Zone?


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