When anyone is faced with a choice, a little research or a little reflection goes a long way in order to make sound decisions.

Many times, our lives do get out of control. Life happens!

The following work page regarding Life Fulfillment Factors is designed to help you consider the Nine Areas of Life, each one separately. If you are satisfied with one area of your life, then stop worrying about it for now. 

Many of us are so busy with work and chores we often forget about other areas in life that can help us achieve balance. There are Nine Areas in Life; through feng shui, they can be found easily in your environment. Often referred to as the bagua, these areas are arranged in a specific grid pattern.

When you are ready to make change, declarations, or resolutions, it is imperative that you are clear on the intention to make these changes.

There are no right or wrong answers.

This is your life, and you are the one to make choices in your life. By paying attention to a specific area, you can strengthen that particular area for crisis management in the future.

This is a positive, pro-active approach to being in control of your life.

Take some time with your evaluation and decide where you need supports in your Nine Areas of Life. Please phone or e-mail in with any questions you have. Good luck planning!


Self Evaluation: Life Fulfillment Factors

Each of the nine life areas are listed below for self-evaluation. Score each life area:
Not Satisfied: 1, Somewhat Satisfied: 2, Satisfied: 3, Very Satisfied: 4

Family – Where you come from is a plethora of cultural background, ancestry, and heritage lines. This area also includes your immediate family. How do you relate to these people?
Wealth – Wealth means different things to different people, but it always related to the quality of life. Are you able to provide life’s neccessities and look towards the future with a level of confidence?
Fame – This is more than awards and achievements; your reputation in the community and workplace is significant. Are you able to stand up for yourself and be self-assured with your decisions?
Relationships – The ideal relationship with your spouse or partner is one where both parties are treated equally. This area also reflects other close working relationships: at work, as a care giver or mentor. Are all your relationships solid and respectful?
Children – The choice to reproduce is only one component. This area conveys us to lighten up; find the creative outlet in your world and play! Do you have the ability to enjoy life and embrace your inner child?
Helpful People – This is a two-way street. The relationship between yourself and the benefactors in the world should be complimentary. We all require assistance making transactions, support services, and more. Can you both give, and receive, from others?
Knowledge – Book knowledge and education can help us make choices in our lives. At times, self-cultivation is set aside for other pursuits. Are you learning from past mistakes and growing as a person?
Health – Waking up with a clear mind and energy for the day is a goal worth striving for. As we age, the body needs more attention. Are you looking after the body that you’ve been given?


You are the best person to evaluate your life. Some answers to these topics may provoke more thought in certain areas. By reflecting on these issues, you’ve already taken the first step. With this energy you can make resolutions, declarations, or affirmations to make change in your life.

While you are evaluating the Life Fulfillment FactorsI encourage you to write and issues or ideas down, as they surface. What is going to make you happy/better/more confident?

Contact me today for a free consultation to discuss getting a personal plan for you to balance your life.

When we talk, I’ll walk you through each area; you may ask any questions you like.  The goals is to select only two or three areas to enhance in the next few weeks; shift your energy gently.

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