Do you know your Personal Element Profile?

According to Feng Shui, your personality can be related to one of these Five Elements. These lists can indicate your strengths in one area or another.

Check all that applies to you to find your dominant element! Can you see any friends or coworkers?


Flexible schedule
Gets things done quickly
Loves a challenge
Goal Oriented
Can be Impulsive
Enjoys change in Routine
Thinks BIG
Impatient; “Get to the point!”
Likes to wear green


Life of the party
Thinks outside of the box
Takes control of any problem
Animated and creative
Relaxed approach to life
Makes friends easily
Wide social circle
Passionate about life
Drama Queen at times
Loves to Decorate for the Holidays


Well grounded
Reliable and trustworthy
Compromising; give and take
Great Nurturer
Great Mediator
Asks a lot of questions
THE contact person for family and friends, the nucleus
Compiler of details/bills/history/facts/people
Protective of family
Likes to wear earth tones


Precise thinker
Sense of justice
Speaks UP
Follows the rules
Strong Morals
Thinks in B&W, no compromise
Has systems in place; wills/bills/security
All furniture/objects are squared off neatly and orderly
Sense of Humor is Lacking
Does not like to hug


Wise, pontificating
Excels in specialized knowledge
Very smart and well read
Seeks the truth, visionary
Solitary, loner
Can have a sly sense of humour; blunt/cruel
Secretive, private person
Eccentric, anti social
Armchair Traveler



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