EMF’s and You: Living with Environmental Sensitivities:


Another Day in Paradise

Another Day in Paradise



While we’ve been dealing with the depletion of the Ozone Layer, global warming, and political issues abroad, the technology in our modern world has been evolving. As a result, we spend our daily lives in fields of low and high frequency electromagnetic radiation.

Until the twentieth century, the greatest emitter of electromagnetic radiation was the sun. We now know about UVA and UVB rays, and understand the importance of a good sunscreen, but there are more risks we need to be aware of.

Our present technology includes cell phones, computers and assorted wireless devices. As efficient as they may be, they are also overlapping fields of radiation permeating our modern world. Some of the worst culprits are kitchen appliances and personal care products such as hairdryers.

The WHO (World Health Organization) writes, “We believe that Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) will be one of the greatest environmental health challenges for the coming generations.”

Mobile phone use has evolved from an uncommon activity about 15 years ago to one with over 4 billion users worldwide. With our dependence on these items in today’s society, there is public concern about the possibility that mobile phones might cause cancer, especially brain tumours. The studies that follow this data are still in discussion because the information doesn’t date back farther than 15 years. There is proof that the frequent pulses of EMFs in ‘developing brains’ in children and teens are more susceptible than adults, but to what degree?

Regardless when the data will be available, we know that some of this new technology is already affecting some of the population. One of the most common diseases of the 21st century is stress. As we learn to live with stressors, our immune system is affected. This is the time when the EMFs affect us the most.

You can check the levels of EMFs in your environment with an Energy Frequency Monitor. In the meantime, before running out to purchase one, here are few suggestions to protect yourself that you can implement today.

A Few Things You Can Do to Minimize Your Exposure to EMFs

Use the speaker phone option when you can or texting your messages are safer options. The battery is usually in the back, so if you can, carry your phone battery facing away from your body. Be sure to store your cell phone away from your body and away from your bed when not required.

The transformers for these phones send out high energy pulses constantly, day and night, regardless of usage or not. The transformer that comes with each unit measures ‘within normal range’ on a magnetic field and ‘over normal range’ on an electric field (volts). If these transformers are in your home, try to place the charging units away from your favourite sitting areas and bedside by at least 1 meter. Their ability to pulse signals allows them to emit significantly higher levels of radiation than cellphones. Few people are aware of that.   Ideally, any phone at home should be a corded phone.

Use a cable modem if possible. If you have a wireless modem, choose one which easily can be shut off at night with just a simple button.

A desktop PC that has the floor unit emits EMF’s on to the floor and your legs (or your co-workers’ legs) that can result in a burning sensation and other sensitivities. A laptop computer often has the battery in the back, so the front exposure is minimized for the primary user, but when you are coordinating with others, your battery is facing them. If you are using your laptop on your lap, you should use a board or tray underneath to displace the energies.

EMF pollution happens in all frequency ranges. The same distortion also runs on the power line in the wall behind a bed or under the desk of the workplace. Only a few  people realize that our body is as sensitive to these distortions as the electronic components of a computer. Studies have also shown that radiation is absorbed faster through our neck, wrists and ankles as these parts are narrower in size and less dense in substance. Check your equipment, be aware of excess radiation in close quarters and find a configuration that works for all parties. Take frequent breaks from your work station if possible.

Take the TV out of the bedroom, or throw a towel over it when not in use. A TV continues to emit frequencies for many hours after you turn it off. Keep any music players and electronic games away from you and your children’s beds, especially from the night table. Use a battery driven alarm clock.

Try to avoid metal bed frames, metal head boards and wire spring mattresses, as they reflect and hold electro-magnetic charges. The best type of bed to purchase is a wooden slat type bed with cotton or felt filling. Some metals, including beds, can be used as a conduit for an energy source.

Don’t use CFL (compact fluorescent light) bulbs if possible. They increase EMF pollution on the power signal significantly. Use old light bulbs as long as possible. Choose LED lights as soon as available in proper quality. (They are coming soon!)

When using a microwave for cooking, stand away from the front of the unit. There is documentation telling us that microwaving foods changes the molecular structure of the food and emits harmful radiation when used. The microwave is not going away as they have made our lives much easier. If your microwave is more than 10 yrs old, consider testing the product with an Energy Frequency Monitor to see if the seals have been compromised, or just replace the unit. Limit the use of the blender and mixer as both have very high levels of EMFs. Unplug all electrical appliances when not in use.

The more we are aware, the better choices we can make for our home and families.

Some of the issues listed may appear to be insignificant or even petty to address, however, today is only one day out of our lives absorbing Electromagnetic Radiation. If you are planning to live out a full life span, radiation overexposure CAN and WILL disrupt your cells resulting in a shortened lifespan.

What you can do NOW is Play safe and enjoy your life!

Dr. Robert Young, author of Sick and Tired,  states that “stress is THE single cause for all disease; environmental stress being the most underestimated version of it.”

If you have any questions about any EMF: electromagnetic frequencies, Ask Kathryn!

Kathryn can assess you concerns during a site visit.  She brings her testing and dowsing equipment to each location.

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