For this exercise, we are going to do a basic count to include all your electrical items in one room. I’ll assign a number to each of these components and you’ll just need to add them up. Do not be ‘frightened’ by any of these numbers. Primarily, you need you to be aware of your own environment. You also need to be advised that the EMF’s for each component will dissipate quickly usually within 1 meter (3 feet); This is why you are advised to leave a 1 meter space from pulsing equipment. It is not just the pulse, it is the sum total of all the environmental stressors that can weaken our immune system.

Both The W.H.O. and Health Canada have determined that the ‘safe number’ for EMF exposure for a healthy adult male is .65 milligauss. This ‘safe number’ can fluctuate according to the size and health of the person involved and the length of exposure. Most of the data available is ‘research’. As this research is still relatively new (less than 15 years) we do not have complete results based on the adult life span.

This is a basic check that you can do in your environment. Count the following items listed in each room and multiply by the EFM number assigned to them. The EMF value assigned to each item is only an average rating, based on the data available.

Note; AC/DC wired items and plug outlets are included in this exercise as ‘awareness’ and are not prone to radiation issues. The fact is; the ‘remote’ and ‘wireless’ devices are most likely plugged into these outlets. This information then requires a precise investigation as to how many EMF-potential items are plugged into the outlets.

Components EMF Value X quantity= total room 1 X quantity= total room 2
Count the outlets in your room 3 X = X =
Count the basic light switches 3 X = X =
Dimmer switches/timers – On 10 X = X =
Dimmer switches/timers – Off 10 X = X =
Overhead lights; regular bulbs 5 X = X =
Overhead lights; CFL’s 15 X = X =
Overhead lights; Halogen 50 X = X =
Clock Radio (35-50) 40 X = X =
Transformers – for phones 15 X = X =
Transformers – for lamps (35-100) 50 X = X =
Cell phone charger – On 5 X = X =
Wireless modems (15-35) 25 X = X =
Wireless mouse/printer 5 X = X =
CD player, amplifier 5 X = X =
Exercise equipment, monitors 8 X = X =
Laptop computer (10-15) 10 X = X =
Computerized sewing machines, etc. 35 X = X =
Garage door opener 10 X = X =
Key fob to your car 3 X = X =


A primary room would be a place where you would spend a large portion of the day (for example; bedroom, TV room, office area). If these totals are higher than 65 in your primary rooms, you may be at risk. Ideas to take precautions can be found in the chapter, EMF’s and YOU!

A secondary room, a spot where you have occasional exposure, would not appear to be as critical. But, this will depend on the other family members that use the area. If you suspect a serious problem, contact a local professional for an accurate reading and advice.