The Bagua GRID

Your environment can be divided up into Nine Life Areas, each with it’s own auspicious properties.

Ba'gua Model

To apply this Ba’gua to your room, line up the bottom of the chart with the entrance to the room. For example; if you are standing at the doorway facing in, you will find the wealth area at the far left corner.

To apply this Ba’gua to your entire house, line up the bottom of the chart with the main door to your home or business. If there is irregularities with stairs or architectural details, line up the bottom of the chart with the longest or most prominent wall, at the entrance.

To take advantage of all the auspicious properties in each Life Area, it is recommended that you discuss your individual space with a qualified feng shui consultant. To make change, we need to make a change in your environment. Are you ready?

Check out this work sheet; Nine Life Areas for self-evaluation.

You can then identify areas that need the most attention.

Below is an expanded Ba’gua chart that shows some of the properties of the Nine Life Areas.



The Bagua life areas pdf

Ba'Gua Table

For more insight how these auspicious areas can work for you, Check out my book Practical Feng Shui For The Office. Once this becomes clear, you’ll never look back! Enjoy the journey!