Practical Steps to Success #9: Get Ready to Make More Money!


Practical Steps to Success #9; Get Ready to Make More Money!

  1. Attitude: Pick a good one! A good attitude is the first thing to making money.  Be courteous, respectful and believe in what you do. Having a positive, but flexible attitude can help you manoeuvre through life’s trials.
  2. Clean up: Seriously. Clean the big stuff; your closets, windows and doorways. Then clean the little stuff; your inbox, desk drawers, your car, and above all –your purse and wallet.
  3. Replace: Any worn items that reflect on money, or your attitude with money, need to be fixed or replaced. Frayed or tired items such as broken frames on your achievements, a broken strap on your purse, the handle on your desk drawer and the worn file folder that holds your expenses -can all affect your self-esteem.
  4. Display: Get your goals in your face! Any images, charts, tickets, and notes you can leave for yourself and others will remind you of why you do what you do. Place them on the walls, your desk top, the car and your entrance way…the comings and goings of life.
  5. Get Ready!: Draw attention to yourself by dressing the part. You may not have had a new client in weeks; but get up, dressed and ready to start the day. Present a successful image into the world. Have gas in the car and your tools -ready to go!

When you are ‘ready’, the opportunities will find you. Keep your eyes open and look for them.


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