Practical Steps to Success #21: Present Clear Messages and Save TIme

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Practical Steps to Success #21:

Present Clear Messages and save time


Provide a clear message and avoid misunderstandings.

I don’t know about you, but I hate the plethora of one-liner texts or e-mails to discuss a simple matter. This type of correspondence can lead to irritation, distractions, and inbox clutter.

This simple sentence:  ‘Are you free for a meeting on Friday? , can set off a series of emails and volatile reactions towards the receiver. With no other details, the receiver anticipates a time commitment and may not have the head space for problem solving right now. No one gets anything done.


The response could be ‘No’. Or, they could ignore the request altogether. Either way, you will need to readdress the issue.


(The chatter in their head is probably more along this line: ‘You know I have a presentation Friday afternoon and Mr. P is coming in from the other office! And, what the heck is the problem now??? Im in the middle of something…’)


Try to be a little clearer with your request:

* Are you free around noon on Friday, for 15 minutes?

This communication is much better. By offering a suggested time, and time frame, the receiver would more likely agree to meet with you for an update. You should NOT disrupt the next 30 minutes trying to figure out when to meet.


One e-mail, with all the details, is professional and efficient.


Communication and handling miscommunications is a huge factor in maintaining strong teams in any business. In any situation when persons are juggling multiple clients or projects, be respectful of everyone’s commitments.


Take the time to think about what you want to say
before you press the send button. 

On behalf of all the people who have ‘been there’, I thank you!



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