Good Vibes in the Bedroom


Good Vibes in the Bedroom by Kathryn Wilking

We all know how ‘sacred’ the master bedroom is; but is it getting the attention it really needs for a solid relationship? Often the master bedroom is the last room to get any attention!

In feng shui, the main objective of the ‘relationship area’ is to have this area balanced in order to maintain an equal partnership.  The master bed should be large enough to support both parties, without a crack or division in the mattress. One side should not be ‘better’ than the other. Both people should be able to get in and out of bed from their respective sides.

The Rule of Two;

  • There should be only two of you in the bedroom: move out the kid’s pictures, art drawings and any toys.
  • Use the number two in your choices for décor: two lamps, two end tables, two candles, two mugs, two hooks for the bathrobes, two sculptures, etc.
  • Bring the symbolism of two into the images on the wall; two birds or two pictures of birds, two people enjoying themselves on a beach, two things that signify the intimate time and space you want together. Both parties should agree on these items.

Yin energy is required for rest. This feminine side of the equation is necessary to bring soft, calm energy into play. Use softer colours. Earth tones can be soothing; bring in tan, cream and taupe, or a bit of the auspicious pink.  Choose softer prints rather than racing themes. Think about slowing down the tempo of the day …work is finished…the kids are in bed… and the time is yours.

Red can bring vibrant yang energy into the room. This ‘fire colour’ can be utilized best as an accent through pillows, candles and smaller details. Too much red is, too much.

Energy Mood Zappers

  • Get rid of the dirty laundry and the dust bunnies.
  • Clear the unwanted items off the tables and dressers.
  • Nix the large mirrors, glass tables and the hard shiny surfaces.

The intention you set is very important: You need to connect with your partner on an equal basis. Clean up, get rid of distractions, bring in fresh energy (flowers are a nice touch) and give yourselves an opportunity for new vibrations.

Are you unsure about redecorating and making changes to your environment? You might want to start with some subtle changes: fluff the pillows in the dryer, buy some new sheets, clean the stuff out from under the bed or bring in a few flowers. If you do want something to change, you have to get started.

When your honey tries to put up any resistance to change; you only have to ask:

“Do you want good vibes in our bedroom?”



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