Fire People Have Energy to Burn


Do you remember the last time you were really passionate about something? It could have been something quiet; perhaps a breath-taking view of the lake? Or, more emotional; such as standing up for someone who was falsely accused?

The fire element, in feng shui, is represented by the colour red and generally shows up in the Fame or Wealth areas of the home. These areas of your home are definitely hot, as they also reflect your reputation in the world and your relationship with money. Other references to the fire element are, (but not limited to) the summer season, triangular or sharp shapes, and actual fire; fireplaces, furnace, stove, and candles.

There are five elements that are taken from properties of the earth; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each one is assigned a season, number, body part, shape, colour and a personality. I love it when the personalities blend in with the seasons. When referred to as a personality, fire-people tend to be:

  • Out in front or in your face
  • Persuasive and convincing
  • Always have the answer or knows someone who does
  • Self-promoting; looking for recognition or the life of the party

When I think of fire-people, politics often comes into mind. People that are ‘out there’, have energy and the ability to persuade others. Actors and entertainers can be fire people, as well as salespersons, a lecturer or even a criminal. All of these people are passionate about their causes and will ‘burn bridges’ to get what they want!

Being a fire-element-person can be quite intense as they expend so much energy. In fact, being friends with a fire-person or working with a fire-person is also exhausting! So, how do the fire-people keep going? 

  • They require constant feedback from others.
  • They need involvement and attention.  
  • They need an extrovert type job.
  • They usually get what they want.

The fire-element-people have passionate views. Being such an aggressive element, the difficulty for some fire individuals is figuring out when to stop. It can be a fine balance between working for a cause and pushing too much. Some fire-people can get out of control, consuming their goals and the people around them; leading towards violence.

Have you ever been surprised when a quiet person suddenly stands up and takes charge? This person, who is usually not aggressive, is speaking up about an issue!  This is their fire-moment!

We can all have fire-moments. These ‘moments’ are important for when we need to stand up for ourselves, to accept acknowledgement for a job well done, and when we need to present our point of view. It is about standing up and being in control.

We can learn a lot from fire-people. The goal is to find the balance. Make yourself heard, show your passion and enjoy life!


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