Fame & Reputation: Time to Stand Up and Be Recognized

Fire People
Use fire-energy for a good cause!

The word ‘fame’ brings up all kinds of mixed messages: being a good-guy or a bad-guy, scoring the winning point in a competition, or even doing something crazy! So, what does this have to do with me?

Fame; definition: ‘being recognized’ for something.

The stereotype for ‘fame’ always seems to follow the news media: politicians, actors, a band or fads in the marketplace. One doesn’t need to shout and scream for recognition, there are other ways to cultivate attention. There are many people protesting a cause or an incident in their life; but there is more to it.

Is there a need to draw attention to ourselves? To set a goal for fame?

Fame is of one of the Nine Areas of Life in the feng shui bagua, and it is much overlooked. So why is this so important?

The Fame Area of ‘the Nine areas of Life’, is located in the back of your house; front and center. Also known as the fire area, you can find this auspicious space in each room: stand at the entrance to each room – the center of the far wall is your Fire Area.

To activate this area, display your recent achievements; diplomas, trophies or awards. This reminder of your achievements is for friends/clients/family as well as your own self-esteem. Hiding all these little treasures in a drawer will not help you grow and achieve success.

If the idea of fire, flame or drama in your life feels awkward or narcissistic, you are not alone. Many cultures do not feel good about tooting their own accomplishments or drawing attention to what they have; as many others go without. Some people are quiet out of respect; others are simply discreet. Many don’t speak up due to lack of confidence, details or simple disinterest in a subject.

You may observe someone having a ‘fire moment’: a person who will stand up for a cause or execute drama for change, and more. This display of a fire-moment is not all bad. The bigger problem is when fire-people combust, when passion becomes rage; consuming our time, resources, a way of thinking and our way of life.

In small doses, you CAN make a difference in this world!
Think of using a flame, rather than a bonfire!

The way to stand up for yourself is to initiate this fire-element:

  • ASK the questions.
  • REFLECT on the answers.
  • DO what is right.
  • STAND up to bullies.
  • LEARN HOW to MAKE a difference.

The next few years will be critical for the general public to step in – regarding perceived global issues arising. You can listen and explore options to instigate change for reform, environmental controls, education and policies to ensure our children and grandchildren have tools to help the planet survive.

Standing up for yourself doesn’t mean that you’ll go down in history as the world’s biggest bully, but it means you can handle ’15 minutes of fame’ speaking up for a cause. (Alternatively, support someone that you respect.)

If you embrace your fire-element to stand up and request what is right,
you will also be a voice for others who can’t.

As long as your actions are from clear intentions in your heart, you too, can help change this world.

Ask questions.

Find your voice.

Show everyone your fire-element.

All the best,