Energy Fields in Humans and Pets

Dousing Rods and Energy Ring
Dousing Rods and Energy Ring

ENERGY FIELDS in Humans and Pets


Energy fields in humans and pets can be detected using the same dowsing tools for geopathic stress.

We all have an energetic field around us. Think of the chi-energy we’ve talked about earlier. It is invisible to the naked eye, but it has enough power to send out our moods and temperaments to the general public. The dowsing rod can assess your energy level by counting each time the arm swings a full circle. In each family, or group, the head of the group should clock higher than the others, as they are ‘in charge’.  

Let’s use a simple scale of 0-10. For me, I usually clock in at a 3-5 number. My spouse should be in that same zone in order for us to have a balanced relationship. Dependent children should rank less than their parents, or the balance of the home can be disrupted.

A pet can either rate very low as they are lower on the ascension chain, or they can be higher; a working dog supporting their charge. A rescue pet may check in at 0 or even a minus, until they adjust to the new routine. (When the rods start to rotate counter-clockwise they are counting down.)

The higher numbers can be found in people or animals that are very spiritual. When a rod clocks an 11-20 or more, it shows they are in the presence of a church, priest or spiritual leader.

Interesting fact: My old, collie dog checked in consistently at a 10, even a month before he died. No wonder that everyone smiled and was attracted to him. One neighbour called him the ‘dog whisperer’.

I am both pleased and surprised what these simple dowsing rods can measure. If you suspect an imbalance, it can often be simple to fix. Utilize the command position in your home and maximize its strength in all areas (eat, sleep, work, TV area) to balance the family structure. Sometimes, an energy ring is placed under the chair or bed of an unbalanced individual. The metals in the ring react very similar to those wearing a copper bracelet for arthritis; the metals in the body have an opportunity to realign. 

No matter what your number is, reorganizing the command structure in your home will be beneficial to all who live there.


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