Embrace Your Chaos


Embrace Your Chaos

Did I read this right? Embrace your chaos?

Absolutely! In order for you to try and maintain order in the office, you do need to identify what is going on during your day.

  1. Side-tracked? Are you spending too much time ‘doing stuff’ and not completing anything? Are you driving these distractions? Time to start being accountable for your time; communication with e-mails, texts, games and issues with deadlines. Assign a reasonable time for personal tasks and stick to it. Then, put the phone on mute. Make sure you prioritize the actual work you need to do (In order to maintain a pay check.) before going off track. Acquiring more knowledge for your career or personal research is commendable, but set yourself time limits on your devices.
  2. Communication? Are you constantly interrupted and set off track? Perhaps you are not clear about your goals with your family and coworkers. If you seriously need ‘down time’ for extra study, or ‘feedback’ on a presentation, let the people around you know what you need and what you need from them.
  3. Procrastination? What are you waiting for? Need more information to complete the task? Then find another avenue and go get it. Trying to impress the right person? Get the information out there and do your best; your reputation will deliver the message to the right person.
  4. Tired? Does your boss consistently book planning meetings at 8am when you are ‘not your best’? Or perhaps, 4pm is ‘not your best’. Figure out what your ‘best time’ is to participate and be productive. Before you agree to the meeting, can you suggest another time –sighting a conflict? Work on this scenario as you DO want your boss to see you ‘at your best’ once in a while, right?  Plan around your best productive hours.
  5. Politics? A tough one. There is always the presence of politics at any office. Keep your head up and be aware of what is going on. Do your job the very best you can and try not to choose sides. You do not know how this will play out, nor should you sabotage your career. Check out a few options below.

You need to maintain control of a small portion of the universe in order to make change. A little discreet feng shui can go a long way:

  • Clean up your desk. File all complete files, and delegate the ones you can.
  • Go through the drawers, dust the keyboard and check under the desk.
  • Bring in some fresh energy. Plants can bring in fresh oxygen along with a pleasant view. Choose a hardy, soft leafed plant; rubber plant, peace lily or lucky bamboo.
  • Set positive images out on your desk and up on the walls of your cubicle.

With good intentions and a little discipline, you can work through the chaos in your office. The more you know about yourself, the better you will be able to ride through the chaos.

For more information about maintaining control in the office:

Check out my book; ‘Practical Feng Shui for the Office’. www.practicalfengshuifortheoffice.com
Enjoy the Journey through life,
~ Kathryn

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  • Marjorie

    Well – my working space is certainly chaotic – and I love spending time in here…… BUT I do muck about “doing stuff” as you comment and do not get STUFF done! Thanks for the practical reminders!!!

    • We all need reminders! Please don’t sweat over the ‘projects in progress’, as many are job security. Complete the tasks and tidy when you can. Just be aware of how much time you allot to each task. Good luck!