Earth-people are Often Stuck in the Middle

Earth-people are Often Stuck in the Middle

An earth-type personality is much like the tangible earth; solid, grounded and stable. Of all the Five Elements; wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, the earth people are standing in middle ground.

In the working world, people with earth personalities are the best choice to train new employees. Their patience and relaxed nature is very non-threatening.  They have a knack to organize and compile data, and remember to send a card for every birthday.


How can you recognize an earth element person?

  • They love things that come with a ‘story’. They respect their heritage, and love to collect antiques; old letters, rugs, teacups and furniture.
  • When visiting an earth-person, they tend to fuss about getting you a coffee or tea -to wash down the treat they’ve set in front of you.
  • They often sit in the back (or stay in the kitchen) and observe, making sure everyone is happy, and everyone is getting along.
  • Favourite colours for the earth-type individuals include a spectrum of earthy tones; clay, red, orange, yellow, beige and brown.
  • They have ‘contacts’ everywhere! They are the ones who can make contact with anyone in the world, organize an event, and follow through.
  • They can be the arbitrator for disputes and can empathise with both sides of the situation.

If you are an earth person, or possess earth qualities, you probably have a quieter personality. You are the solid, anchored, middle ground between the extroverts (sales people, advertising or marketing) and the introverts (accounting, controller, IT people) and you are needed very much. You may not get rewarded for your efforts all of the time, but please remember, without you being the nucleus of the home and the office, the world would be a much different place.

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