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Feng Shui helps rearrange your space to work for you!   An evaluation of your life can bring insight to certain areas that need support or enhancement. 

You are the best person to evaluate your life; so lets get started. With this energy you can make resolutions, declarations or affirmations to make positive change!

Take a long look at each of the Nine Areas of Life Area figure out what is tugging at you. What is going to make you happy/better/more confident?

Feng Shui Office Desk

  YES   Kathryn,

I want a 30 minute complimentary Lifestyle Assessment call with you to review my ”Life Fulfillment Score”. (Value $195.)

Your ‘Life Fulfillment Factors’ can reveal a pathway to success, or sabotage! 

In this 30 minute consultation, I’ll help you:

~ Identify the gaps in your life fulfillment factors, and how to address them

~ Get focus and clarity on the most important things that matter to YOU

~ Share some practical tips to find more balance, harmony and flow

~ Lay out a ‘take action’ plan for you to meet your needs

FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY! kathryn@kathrynwilking.com 

Do you know any groups or organizations that would enjoy a lively talk? ~ Learn how to change your daily stress into abundance and prosperity in only a few weeks. 

Get Your Space Working For YOU!   Ask Kathryn!

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