Checklist for a Magical Year!

Everything you bring in to your space must be treated as special or sacred.


Our society talks about ‘fresh starts’, ‘make a difference’ and pressures everyone to like, share, compromise, be mindful, feel good and OMG…

And, somewhere along the line, there is a disconnect.

What about me?

Have you experienced some of ‘those days’?

Are there times when no waiter can get your order right?

Does every light bulbs in the stairwell blowout on the same week.?

Do you keep loosing stuff? ALL THE TIME!

What’s is going on? These energy shifts in life are real and can sometimes have physical consequences in your home. When you, and your life, are unbalanced the energy doesn’t move smoothly; the ripples are apparent! And, perhaps you don’t have the TIME to learn feng shui!

Using feng shui to manipulate your surroundings is a fair game; it is better to be prepared and have the advantage to survive in this crazy world.

Feng shui can be an endless, multi complex science to figure out, particularly when life is continuously changing. When you cure something today, your problem may go away, but there will always be something else to fix next month!

For today; let’s just look at the basics!

Here is an EASY CHECKLIST! Without having to study charts, grids and pages of theory, these logical and practical ideas are listed here for you to do whenever you can – easy, and at no cost to you!

When you get your life balanced with Feng shui, things flow so much easier, the day to day tasks will be pleasant. Magical! Once your space is balanced, your mind is calm; you will have entire projects ready to unfold, with ease! Yes, I want this life!

Living with Magic doesn’t need to cost anything,

it can just make you feel good.

Setting aside all the bagua’s, the wealth corner and the XXX, lets just dive into some key areas that can make or break your magical flow:

  1. Go through your stuff; really go through your stuff. Clutter clearing is always one of the first things to do anywhere, anytime; and can be continuous. Evaluate and consider everything you touch; coffee cups, t-shirts, knick-knacks, tea towels… you get the drift. Because this is your space, everything you bring in to your space to live with YOU must be treated as special or sacred. Remove other items and recycle constantly.
  2. Take another look at your ‘extras’, pictures, artwork and décor items. Ask yourself: Do they have happy memories? Or, do they reveal a sad story? Always look deeper to see what the message is in these pictures and ornaments. If your life is not going well these days, often, these issues will be reflected through the things in your home. Letting go can move you forwards.
  3. Stale and depressing chi energy can be lifted using more lights, bright colours and cut flowers in your home. Plants are a life force; bring in any representation of life into your space is good: carvings, impressions or pictures of plants, birds, animals. (not dead things)
  4. Reassess any mirrors in the house. A strong reflective surface can help magnify the things you want, and also, the things you don’t want. Check that each mirror hangs securely on the wall and people can see themselves fully. Make sure it is reflecting/expanding good things and not the garbage. Cracked or scratched mirrors should be repaired, and/or, removed from the premises.

Whether you need a curative or preventative correction in your space, practical, simple solutions can be easily implemented.

**Manifest what you want in life by constantly assessing the physical presence of what is in your home: reconfigure, rearrange, update, change and repeat!

Remember that everything in life is constantly shifting and changing; your focus will also change and time moves along. There are a lot of practical things you can do today, with no expense from your pocket. You can get started manifesting an amazing lifestyle.

For some of the trickier problems in your home, be sure to seek the advice of a certified Feng Shui Practitioner to guide you in your journey; YOU can be the BEST you can be.

Make YOUR magical journey, Kathryn

** Kathryn Wilking is an Author, Home Stager and a Feng Shui Consultant. She delivers “practical solutions to life’s problems’. Are you thinking of a personal consultation? Or, perhaps you know of a group or associate that would enjoy a lively talk or workshop?

Kathryn has a gentle way of manipulating energy to help find balance and flow in each situation. You can trust her with your concerns. Contact her for a chat to find out how feng shui can help you! In the meantime, you can do your own Lifestyle Assessment here:

Kathryn of Kathryn Wilking Designs is a Professional Member of the IFSG (International Feng Shui Guild) Author, Stager and Feng Shui Consultant.



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