We can get side-tracked with our 'to do list', and forget how to relax!

D-Stress Naturally with Feng Shui

Are you seething at the first traffic light? Trying to figure out how to cope with issues at work? Or, feeling guilty; thinking you should be doing something else with your life? With our crazy insane pace we have right now on the planet, we are not paying attention to stress-triggers.…


Surround yourself with only the items that can support you and your cause.


Did I read this right? Embrace your chaos? Absolutely! In order for you to try and maintain order in your life, you do need to identify what is going on during your day. 1. Side-tracked? Are you spending too much time ‘doing stuff’ and not completing anything? Are you driving these…


Bella & Quinn. Making new friends is important for all family members,

Take Me Back To…Normal.

Change; it is inevitable. Coming out of hibernation each year is a BIG DEAL! All of a sudden, one day you’ll be tired of wearing the same clothes all winter and look forward to a change. With daylight savings time, there is energy for a walk after dinner. These are all…


Keep moving! This is the best way to learn, to grow and be connected.

Ask Kathryn About Moving Forwards

Q: Kathryn, I’ve noticed that whenever I ask a feng shui question, the answer begins with ‘that depends’. What is it with the vagueness of this venue that I can’t get a straight answer about how to set up my room and get ahead in life? ~Marie A: Good question, Marie.…


Water is represented with using tumbled stones in a walkway.

Create a Water Feature, Without Water!

Create a Water Feature without Water! Many of my clients look at me sideways when I suggest a water feature; my own husband included. (But, he is coming around slowly.) The ‘representation’ of water in feng shui is related to Career, your Life Path and also helps with Wealth and Family…


Collecting local crafts while travelling is always fun, but be aware of the energy coming back into your house.

Ask Kathryn About African Art

Q: Kathryn, I’m getting ready to move and clearing out a few things. I came across a box of souvenirs we picked up from our trip to Africa years past and I don’t know if they are good for feng shui or not. I have a couple of masks, some animal…


Melissa's Red Door commands attention, yet secures privacy.

Ask Kathryn about A Red Door

ASK KATHRYN about Front Doors Painted Red. Q: Is it true that I should paint my front door red for good luck? A: That depends what your intention is for the front door and your family. Painting your front door a red colour will certainly attract attention to your home, right…


A cold, crispy day in January.

Shake Out The Blahs…

The month of January is one of the darkest months; And, usually, there isn’t anything special going on. However, this year Chinese New Year will be celebrated over the next two weeks beginning Jan 28, 2017! (You get a second chance to make resolutions!) Yep… the January blahs can set in.…


What's wrong with sleeping under a fan?

The Truth About Ceiling Fans

Placing a ceiling fan over a bed can be detrimental to your health! If you are having restless, sleepless nights, have a look UP at your ceiling. Many ceiling fans are purchased with the logic that these items can save you money on air conditioning. True. But, are there other hidden…


A fireplace brings people together.

Reconnect With Fire

Nothing beats the warm cosiness of a fireplace. Why are we so fascinated with campfires, barbeques, and fireworks; so much that we wish to bring fire into our homes? Fire and fireplaces have been part of our lives as long as man has been cooking their own food. In the past,…