Can Feng Shui Help with Depression?

Can feng shui help with depression?

Yes, it can!

Depression is often triggered when people are focusing on the past. Many are dealing with the ‘empty nest syndrome’. Or, it could be regrets of I could’ve, should’ve, would’ve ….

Whatever it is: something is out of sorts in the present.

To initiate change in your life, you need to change something. Change can be as simple as bringing flowers or colours into the home, reaching for a favourite scarf or taking a different route to the store. Feng shui reveals strengths and weaknesses in your environment. Simple changes can be recommended to support your individual needs in colours, shapes and images that work for you.

Dealing with any change can also cause stress, so try it slowly and positively. Dealing with changes to your immediate space continuously can cause a series of health problems: anxiety, stress, sleeping disorders or alcohol and drug abuse. Find out what nurtures your soul.

Feng shui taught me this:

“ If I can only control this space in front of me today,

then I’ll just control that space.”


Learn to live your life in the ‘command position’.

Take a feng shui course or talk to a Consultant to find how to bring the balance back into your life!


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