Are Smart Meter’s Safe?

Q: You’ve been talking about Smart Meters and EMFs (Electromagnet Fields) for months. Do you have any
data to prove that they are safe? And, how do I know if my wireless modem and computer are safe?

A: I’ve been on the trail of this topic. I personally believe the Smart Meters are safe. They collect data mechanically and then ‘pulse’ the readings once a day to send the reading into the computer. This ‘pulse’ is very short. BC Hydro has assured me the 1.4 sec pulse per day, over 20 years, would be the equivalent to sitting at your wireless computer for a total of 30 minutes. They are very confident these meters are safe. They continue to run tests and collect data.

As for your computer, the newer computer models and wireless devices are all testing very safe. The real issue you may want to address is the total sum of all the electromagnetic radiation in one area. On my website is an article I wrote earlier about Electro-magnetic Frequencies (EMFs). You can find some tips about awareness there. Contact me if you’d like to talk further.

FYI: I have an EMF Risk Analysis on my web-site that everyone can use to evaluate their home. Not to scare anyone, just to raise awareness.