We hired Kathryn to provide a Feng Shui consultation to improve the energy in our home, for all family members, and to improve our business which we operate from home.  We did an extensive search online for all of the Feng Shui Consultants in the Vancouver area.  We phoned several consultants and found that Kathryn was the best person for our needs.  

She does some preliminary work prior to the actual in-home consultation, and came very prepared.

We were impressed with her comprehensive knowledge of both traditional and contemporary approaches to Feng Shui. Kathryn provides an excellent package of materials which helped us not only at the time she came, but also will be a good resource for making further changes in our home.  

We made a significant change by switching a bedroom and office. The result is that our son is feeling so much better in his new and private bedroom and is in the “helpful people” area of the home, and our new home office is now located in the wealth and career area of the home, a better location for all concerned.  This was the best outcome for our family in making this arrangement.

Kathryn also encouraged us with the placement of crystals for enhancement of specific areas. Now that we have beautiful crystals throughout our home, we all feel so much better than before.  

We highly recommend Kathryn for her Feng Shui services. She provides excellent follow-up, explains concepts very clearly, and is a warm and caring individual.


– Jane Tennant, Richmond, B.C. 

One Big Happy Family!

***** Wow Kathryn! I just finished your book and it is FULL of great advice, along with many of the Feng Shui principles that I hadn’t been aware of, which made perfect sense! I also took your PEP test and I was quite surprised at how it nailed my personality to a ‘T.’ The way you explain Feng Shui, it’s purpose and how we can utilize it in the workplace as well as in our home environment, certainly has given me some valuable information to implement and use to be proactive in creating a better flow of energy for me in my life! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Sherry Brantley


I just read your book. It was a great read and tons of wonderful information that we can use to grow our business. Great Book! Thank you, Chef Helena. http://www.graysonscatering.com

Grayson's Catering Vancouver

HI Kathryn!

What I appreciate from you is the ‘follow up’ you offer to clients.

We just started making changes in our home. Things are great!

Thank you for caring. (My son) is now sleeping in his own bed; loves his space full of stickers!

We are okay now.


A Tiny Condo

I have had the pleasure of working with Kathryn for almost a decade, and have always enjoyed her warm and thoughtful manner. Over the years she has generously offered a few excellent tips and ideas for my office, so when I decided I wanted to make some changes in my personal life, I asked Kathryn to come to my home for a Feng Shui Consultation.

During our initial conversation about my areas of focus, she immediately came up with a number of easy and immediate changes to support those areas. One of Kathryn’s great talents is being able to create effective change within your environment utilizing your own beloved furniture and belongings instead of needing to go out and search for, and buy, all new things. However, if she does suggest an item for a cure, she also has a really wonderful set of resources for your shopping needs-  and will even go hunting with you!
Kathryn gave me some practical and easily attainable ideas for me to work with and our goal is to reconnect seasonally to work with the different elements as they evolve. Thus far, the results have been dramatic and, more importantly, I enjoy my home so much more.

Jen Wasmund; RAC Acupuncture

Kathryn, I would like to thank you for your assistance and participation in the Costco Road Show. It was personally very rewarding to see how hard work pay off.

The business model has proven to offer exposure for both beyond our current channels of distribution. As you have found over the last few weeks, it seems we continue to have new customers joining the current Josef-Seibel & Romika shoe wearers.

Thank you once again for making this a success.

Drew Maternick, Josef-Seibel Shoes Canada Ltd.

Josef-Seibel Shoes Canada Ltd.

Kathryn is very much a professional, I’ve known her for a number of years and from the start have tried to make changes to my home and office based on her suggestions, recommendations and the Feng Shui principles she teaches.

I asked her to come over for a quick walk-about after we experienced a break in.  A number of issues came up, fortunately none had anything to do with the break in.  She discovered my home office was of particularity full of negative energy which is why for years I’ve had a hard time spending productive time there.  As a result I’ve remodeled the office (paint and moving the furniture and discarding things) and can say I’m now spending more productive time than before.

My understanding and I’m not an expert, but in the work environment, meeting rooms, offices and such all have power positions. Knowing these, I’ve made a habit of always planting myself in the most powerful position available.   I’ve purchased her book, Feng Shui for the Office, as well as some Feng Shui products and have used her services.

I would highly recommend Kathryn Wilking Designs for an honest evaluation and recommendations based on years of experience.


Ken Hembroff
Josef Seibel Canada

Ken Hembroff, Josef Seibel Canada

Kathryn applies all her knowledge of Feng Shui to your personality with such positive enthusiasm while showing you directions to enhance your environment for the home or office. She provides great examples suited to your personal needs and why they may work to improve your situation.

Rod Luey Photography

Will definitely stay in touch, you are an inspiration to me and I am blessed to have you as a peer in the industry we love.

Your book BTW is not far away from my desk for reading purposes often.

Jean Burns

Jean Burns

I want to Thank You very much for helping me put up my pictures before all the festivities. (Chinese New Year) It was nice to have your expertise in placing the pictures in the right place, so we have good feng sui.

I love coming home; it is such a safe, calming retreat for me.

With Thanks,


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Feng Shui Testimonials, Feng Shui Decorating and staging is all about energy and flow in a home; it is about everyone having a space, and finding a place for everything you need. If you put things away ‘for now’, you may never see them again! The neat thing about feng shui is that you can learn to manipulate the energy around you. Feng shui has very logical principles that include clutter-clearing, ergonomics, problem solving and making sure everyone in the house has a voice. If the house and the people are are balanced and working together, wouldn’t the tasks flow just a bit easier?

I can take the stress out of your world by changing energy patterns in the home, helping arranging furniture, hang pictures and display your favorite items. Many homeowners just want to get a good nights sleep, so they can handle the rest of the day.

When your home is calm and well balance, you will sleep better and have more energy for the day! Through feng shui, you can learn to take charge of your own space and have things flow easily each day.

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