Kathryn Wilking can give you Practical Solutions to Change Your Luck!

**NEW Talk**: Changing Your Luck with Feng Shui

  ‘Changing Your Luck with Feng Shui’ Tuesday August 9th, 2016 7:00- 8:30pm Join me and our Hosts: RESA (Real Estate Staging Assoc.) for a lively chat about how Feng Shui can Change Your Luck in both your home and business relations. All Welcome! See you there! Address; 20338 65 Avenue,…


Buried at work? Clutter grows on your desk and inside your in-box!

Piles and Piles of FILES! (Oh My!)

I thought we were headed towards becoming a paperless society…but…OMG! What is a person supposed to do with it all the ‘paperwork’ that turns into clutter? There are people that pile, and people that file. Which one are you?? Paper clutter is one of the biggest irritants in business. It’s not…