I found Great COLOR at Spanish Village, inside Balboas Park, San Diego, CA.

On the LOOKOUT for Color!

I LOVE COLOR! Colour brings me a mood, a flavor-of-the-day, and makes me smile! I’m always on the lookout for more opportunities to share color with my readers. I found this cute little spot in San Diego last month, a slice of Spanish Village. Someone had the idea to paint the…


Many Seniors are water-people.

The Powerful Influence of Deep Water

The Powerful Influence of Deep Water A large majority of our senior population are water-people. The majority of ‘deep water’ individuals are hard workers and have experienced many of life’s hard lessons. In earlier years, they may have been a strong earth or metal element; a sensitive nurturer or a technical whiz in their profession. Now they…


Carrying a visual reminder can help you focus during the day.

The Miniature Vision Board

Looking for motivation from the same desk, day after day? Does the objective of the task ever get lost? Our lives are full of ‘to-do lists’, reminders or open folders; and many of us invite distractions regularly into our day. Many professionals need a reminder or something visual to help keep…