An orchid can be uplifting in a hard, cold office.

Ah…The Orchid!

  They are blooming and available everywhere right now! Beautiful, as well as auspicious, the orchid can be used to enhance many areas in your life! I frequently recommend an orchid ‘boost’, when I’m doing a feng shui consultation. The positive energy of this flower is very strong. ~ An orchid…


Can You REALLY Think and Grow Rich?

I tried this in the 70 and 80’s. The motive: if I really, really thought about being rich, would I actually become rich? Well, it was worth a try! Another mantra that was popular back then: “If you think like a millionaire and act like a millionaire, then eventually, you will…


Replace a nuisance door with a custom slider!

Arguing Doors

  The beauty of a home with an Open Concept gives the illusion that everything in the main living area is out in the open, and the energy flows marvellously. It is a disappointment when the rest of the house doesn’t flow the same way. When a closet door opens and…