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  Spring is still around the corner, but already, the anticipation is killing me! This year, I just can’t wait. I’m tired of the grey-blue skies, the rain and the fog so thick it hides the mountains to the north. These last few months have been long. (As I write this,…


Floor plan

The Feng Shui ‘Fad’ Is Still Growing

I have a unique perspective, studying feng shui as an outsider: caucasian, tall and blond. As an outsider, I’m referring that I did not grow up with a grandmother or a master of feng shui. Instead, I developed my logic of feng shui from a fresh perspective. I asked a lot…


Blog Talk Radio: Feng Shui for Love

I was interviewed by Sonia Nadina Haynes this afternoon on Blog Talk Radio! Since this is Valentine’s week: Thirty minutes of Love and Relationship tips to cultivate and revive your passion! Enjoy the journey! This is the show link.


Cultivate and Revive Your Passion

Feng Shui for Love and Relationships

Feng Shui for Love and Relationships: Cultivate and Revive Your Passion! 7 Pages of Insight and advice with a Feng Shui perspective! FREE Booklet for Valentines week! Enjoy your JOURNEY! Kathryn FENG SHUI 4 Love and Relationships PDF     **Kathryn of Kathryn Wilking Designs is a Professional Member of the IFSG…



Change Series Book 9

Many of your already know about the Change Book Series that is marching across the globe!  This is the fastest growing personal growth organization in the world! There are now 10 books featuring 200 authors in 20 countries! I am in Book 9! The number is a lucky number in feng shui and also…