Charlie Brown Visits Macys for the Holidays!

Charlie Brown Visits Macy’s NYC

It has been 50 years since the animated version of ‘A Charlie Brown Christmas’ burst into television! It was in full colour and I remember it all! I was seven years old and mesmerized! WOW! No one then realized it would become a classic; an icon to promote ‘peace and good…


The 'snowman' at Allan Gardens.

Holiday Flowers at Allan Gardens

Greetings! Yes, the holidays are here and I can’t think of a better thing to do than visit the greenhouses and take in the bright colours and scents of fall. Colour therapy is important this time of year! I was able to visit Allan Gardens while visiting Toronto last week, and…


Raise the Chi! When you make an effort to present yourself with a positive effort, you will attract more respect; opportunities will unfold.

Ask Kathryn about Ripped Jeans

Q: What does feng shui say about ripped jeans and distressed clothing? Why does it seem that people are ‘dressing down’ in order to ‘dress up’? Does this make any sense? Thanks. A: Yes, it is interesting how the fashion industry can justify anything as long as they have an audience.…