This is one river where  salmon come to spawn. I guess they won't be back.

The Water Mark

I wanted to write about something cheery….but I have to get a different message out today. Water can be seen as a light mist settled on the most delicate flower or it can be most powerful by taking out homes and over turn boats in a storm. Water is one of our…


The Body Rhythm Cycle has a schedule for cleansing and repair.

Tune into Your Body Rhythm Cycle

Your Body works all day and night to keep things balanced. Do you wonder why we are advised to eat a full breakfast in the morning? ~Our bodies have been busy all night! This is a diagram from the book `Between Heaven and Earth` by Harriet Beinfield and Efrem Korngold, in…


A well-placed mirror can bring in light and life.

Ask Kathryn about Grandma’s Mirror

Ask Kathryn about Grandma’s Mirror Q: I was given my favorite grandmother’s old oval mirror. It has some fancy carvings along the edge of the glass and some of the silver has been scraped on the back. Can I use this mirror for feng shui cures? A: I love the fact that you…


Keeping your entrance clean and clear can bring opportunities to your door.

The ‘Mouth of Chi’ …

The ‘Mouth of Chi’ is at Your Front Door!  The front door and entrance of your home or office is extremely auspicious! Also referred to as the, ‘mouth of chi’, this area is the gateway between your private space and the outside world. If your entrance or doorway is blocked in any…


Potpourri is a popular decorating accessory, but is it a healthy choice?

Potpourri: Friend or Foe?

It is fun to decorate! And, matching the right colours with the right items is exciting! But, before you buy anything, take a look at what you are actually bringing into the house. Potpourri is primarily made up of dried plants, bark and flowers. When commercially processed these flowers take on…