Kathryn's team earns a bonus!

A Winning Team

  I had an opportunity to hire a team using the Feng Shui Elements again this past spring.  My client wanted to test a new venue to see if their footwear could sell in a casual, nonthreatening environment. I had restrictions with signage and advertising as we were part of a…


A well-balanced home is a Happy Home!

Balancing Energy Patterns in Your Home

  Personal Energy Fields in humans and pets can be detected using the same dowsing tools used for geopathic stress. We all have an energetic field around us. Chi-energy is unseen in our environment, but can be measured with sensitive tools searching for disruptions in energy patterns. Personal chi-energy is also…


Communications are important in any environment.

Communicating with Other Generations

Things to Consider: Today we have Pre-War Traditionalists, Post-war/baby boomers, Generation X, Generation Y (where did they go?) and the Millenniums, all walking the earth at the same time!  Can we all learn to communicate and get along? Each generation older or younger than you has experienced different influences in the…


 A great use of clutter; re-purpose your collection. This man recycled parts of bicycles to make bar stools.

A Family, Void of Clutter

An interesting dilemma: How to find the balance of how much ‘stuff’ one can handle at one time?  How many hobbies can we start up at once? How many ‘collectibles’ can we display? And, how much room we need to store memorabilia? Where is the line?  When we de-clutter to the…