Bringing Heritage Art Back to the Future

Bringing Heritage Art Back, to the Future By Kathryn Wilking Art work and furnishings are important as they help set the tone for your business. If your business resists budgeting for furnishings and décor, you may be missing an opportunity to make a connection with your clients. Think of the old…


Office Yin and Yang

Office Yin and Yang Yin and yang are energy terms in feng shui. In fact there are many different combinations and levels of yin and yang. Seen as opposites; the image of two tadpoles swimming intertwined with the other. Neither one is completely pure white, nor pure black, as there is…


Wood-people are Energetic!

  Wood-people Are Energetic!   Wood-people are the ‘mover’s and shakers’! Wood-people are the busiest people around! They have great ideas! They have energy! They have the means to ‘make it happen’! YES! YES! And, YES, they DO like to use LOTS of exclamation marks!!! If you want the job done,…



Shades of Seduction

Shades of Seduction By Kathryn Wilking We all love the colour explosion in the fall. Autumn: the trees change daily, almost moment by moment, displaying their colours of red, orange and gold. They can be reflective, energizing or anywhere in between! The presentation is always inspiring, as colour is one of…



The $100.00 Challenge!

The $100. Challenge! In my workshop this past week we talked of the tales of years passed, and how money, and our relationship with money has changed tremendously. One thing is constant: if we keep track of the small money, it will have an impact on the big money.  It has…



The Chickadee

Dec 5, 2014 The Chickadee…. The chickadee is being featured as the ‘bird of the year’ for Vancouver in 2015. Chosen at random, it is a way to promote awareness to our local birds. Here is a card I picked up recently that addresses the chickadees and their attributes through a…