The Crystal Speaks!

When purchasing crystals as a ‘cure’, be sure to buy a quality product!   08/31/2014   The Crystal Speaks! When using a crystal for a cure, it applies energy-enhancing qualities. It can either gather or disperse chi-energy. So, how does that work? Chi-energy is able to move very quickly through a…



Hummingbirds in the Yard

The Hummingbirds have been most active lately! They are feeding constantly right now to get ready for their long migration. Because of their small size and high degree of activity, they lose body heat rather quickly, and need to digest their food quickly. They will eat for several days straight, storing…


busy office scene

What is Your Management Style?

Image from Clip Art What is Your Management Style? Can you find a balance between being a hard-nosed, results-oriented boss and a hovering, nagging mother hen? Of course you can! Each team manager may have the same goals, but they can take a different route to get there! We are all unique.…


pros and cons

Decision Making: Back to Basics

Decision Making: Back to Basics The pros and the cons!   Decisions happen every day. Some are so small and mundane we hardly have to think twice. The others? Those decisions can have ‘life-altering’ consequences and should be made more carefully. Just recently, I was asked to do a guest article…