McDonald’s Comes to Vietnam!

McDonald’s comes to Vietnam! First world food comes to Third World country: But, Is it too much to ask for a stove and a bed?Many of you know my son Jeremy is living in Vietnam. He is doing a number of things, mostly teaching English and driving Jeeps for tourists. The…


Where is Your Ancestor-chi?

  Where is your Ancestor Chi-energy? I have discussed chi-energy previously and as you know, it can be found in many forms. Ancestor-chi is passed along via the blood lines that connect you with your direct ancestors. My dad’s working career was a Newspaper Ad-man. He did the ‘copy’ for all…


Good Vibes in the Bedroom

  Good Vibes in the Bedroom by Kathryn Wilking We all know how ‘sacred’ the master bedroom is; but is it getting the attention it really needs for a solid relationship? Often the master bedroom is the last room to get any attention! In feng shui, the main objective of the…



Powerful Threes

Powerful Threes I tuned in to Marie TV earlier this week while she was talking with Ned Hallowell. They were talking about To-do lists. (So was I! Check out my blog from last week -The To-do List.) Ned suggested; pick three things off your To-do list each day, and do them…


Kissing Couple

Avoiding the Valentine Syndrome

Avoiding the Valentine Syndrome Okay, it is almost here again this year: Valentine’s Day. This day is almost guaranteed to bring mental anguish to a confident, productive executive.  So, what is this all about? It is supposed to be, a declaration or validation of love between two people. And, the media…