Finding the Wealth through Feng Shui

Wealth and abundance are measured different by everyone. Wealth, in terms of feng shui, speaks of luck, fortune and abundance.  These things won’t materialize without some sort of effort on our part; fortunes don’t fall out of the sky very often. We need to define what we are seeking in order…


Stop the Madness!

Stop the Madness …the short version It was only a few years ago that we were dealing with our own renovation. Is was a complicated ordeal dealing with dry rot and removal of our east wall; then to rebuild the kitchen, two bathrooms and the upper deck. I still have nightmares…


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Be In Your Element

Wow! Have you recently experienced a ‘win’ where you just felt that everything came together perfectly? Was it an AH-HA moment? Or more like a comfortable, soothing peace that washed over you? On our journey through the Five Elements, we’ve discovered an amazing correlation between basic earth properties and people’s personalities.…



What is Your Personal Element?

The elements in feng shui are related to properties of the earth; wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Each of these properties has its own structure, specific components, and their own personalities. Just like us, some of these elements work very well together, and sometimes not! When you take my Personal…


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The Nine Areas of Life: Finding the Balance

      Life is more than the routine work/home/sleep cycle. Whether we realize it or not, our lives are sorted into a plethora of accountabilities; personal areas, health and family, children, relationships, creative hobbies, spiritual growth, continuing education and learning, domestic chores, holidays, crisis management, hockey or soccer games and…