Circulation of Qi

Sleepless in Your Own Town?

One of my clients writes in their concern; “I’m still having trouble sleeping these days. I’ve checked my bed placement and taken the mirror out of the bedroom. My phone is charging in the hallway instead of my bedside table, and the laundry is out of sight. I am wide awake at 3am every…


Workday Blues?

  Is it time to deal with the workday blues? Are you procrastinating with the projects and the task list, again? Did the summer months just slip away? Feng Shui can be applied to re-energize your space. The base logic of all Feng Shui ‘cures’ states you need to change something,…


The Milking Stool

  The Milking Stool It always surprises me, when a well-grounded couple gets thrown off balance. The issue is often so trivial, you wonder what the heck was that all about. In my case, just last week, the issue was a milking stool! My husband is an earth-personality. He likes to…